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Ugh. The Struggle Of A Purist In November 2014

So today I was scolded a little bit. By my mom. Catching up as we often do, she asked me, “What is happening in the world of politics today?” To which I glibly answered, “Well, we have 43 days until the big election where we will watch the defeat of …

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Fixing the First Amendment?

Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, are proposing to amend the Constitution. The idea is to fix the First Amendment. Yes, fix it. The argument is, money that influences elections should be regulated. Are public donations considered free speech? Democrats don’t think so. Apparently, forty-six Senate …

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The Bloodless Coup of the U.S. Government

Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, has a well documented list of criminal activities going back decades where he was “in the pocket” of the Mob in the 70’s, to his too-numerous-to-mention shady land deals in Nevada. But his most recent underhanded deal with a Chinese Solar company, that …

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McCain Livid US Senate won’t take up Border Vote before Recess [VIDEO]

The GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives did their job – they passed a Border Crisis bill tonight before leaving on a 5-week summer recess. Quite a contrast to the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, which has gone home without doing anything. Harry Reid and the Democrats are the obstructionists. They have dozens …

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Democrats’ Amnesty Death Trap

Amnesty Death Trap

With today’s hot-button issue of immigration, the motivation and the root cause of this man-made crisis has been lost. For those of you Democrats out there who think the leaders of your party are such caring and sympathetic humanitarians and all that they want is what’s good for illegal Hispanic …

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Lost in Washington With Somewhere to Go

Washington has come to a fork in the road

It seems these days, everyone in Washington is either lost, or has lost their mind. On one side, Harry ‘Greed’ Reid is making land grabs or on the floor issuing scathing remarks toward sports commissioners asking why they haven’t punished teams for using ‘racially motivated’ team names; while the other …

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Bully Harry Reid: Something is going to happen to the Bundys

Nevada Senator Harry Reid is corrupt and a bully.  He has a long and checkered past of questionable and shady land deals, and using his position of power to intimidate others. He is currently being looked at by the FEC for allegedly giving up to $31,ooo in campaign funds to his granddaughter, …

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Liberals on Twitter call for drone strikes against Bundy ranch

Thanks in large part to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s irresponsible rhetoric calling supporters of the Bundy ranch “domestic terrorists,” a number of liberals on are now calling for drone strikes against the Bundy ranch, despite the fact that such a strike would also kill innocent women and children: …

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Something Good Out Of Tragedies

Recent tragedies have led some to try and prevent them for happening again.  At least maybe not the way these tragedies have happened recently.  After the attacks of 11 September 2001 that were conducted on the Nation by hijackers aboard aircraft, the Federal Government instructed air carriers to reenforce the …

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Watch: Harry Reid blames the internet for Obamacare problems

Harry Reid is determined to go down with the sinking ship that is Obamacare. Earlier today he denied any hiccups or delays in the enrollment process then went on to blame the various hiccups and delays on people “not educated on how to use the Internet.”  Watch: So, I guess …

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Focus People

The Real Enemy

Focus …. If you are absolutely fed up with the FEDS then FOCUS! Stop with all the backbiting and remember what the goal is this November. The Democratic Party and ALL of there members running for elected office in November. Yes the Republicans running for office have issues.  Some are …

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