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Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber to Testify on Capital Hill this Tuesday

Jonathan Gruber 1

The House Oversight Committee led by Chairman Darrell Issa is scheduled to question the architect of Obamacare Jonathan Gruber on Tuesday concerning his role in selling the 2010 healthcare law to, as he put it, “stupid American voters.” The hearing begins at 9:30AM and can be viewed live here via C SPAN 3. According to the …

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Manipulating Politics One Election At A Time


I am sure this will come as no surprise to all of you that team Obama is at it again with the timing of vital information around Election Day. Let’s take a trip down memory lane in case you have forgotten…. In May 2013, we found out that the Obama …

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A WAAR Plan For Victory in 2014 and Beyond

waar plan

Besides being insane, liberals are also liars. To beat a liar/liberal (even one that suffers from a mental disorder) one must tell the truth even if it is politically incorrect, and the truth is often politically incorrect. The Republican Party has an opportunity to take back the United States Senate …

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The Twilight (Zone) of America


Imagine if you will… A nation where an obscene number of violent criminal offenders, already in said nation illegally, are unceremoniously released back into the populace. Not the populace of their own country, here. Meanwhile, one of that nation’s own that served his nation faithfully is left in custody in another nation for what …

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HOMERUN! Dana Loesch, I became conservative when I became a Mom!


I am proud of my sister and what she did today. Thank God for Dana Loesch on mainstream standing up for conservative values. You felt her passion and truth from her heart and you could clearly feel her conviction. httpvh:// When Dana became a parent, life was no longer all …

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Shock Report: USA Today exposes Unaffordable Care Act by Chris Ivan


A telling analysis released by USA Today reveals that over half of all counties in 34 states on the federal Obamacare exchange lack even a ‘bronze’ plan that’s affordable by the government’s own definition. Many of the bronze plans exceed the government’s 8% of household income affordability test for families …

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(update!)Desperate times in Obamaland by Chris Ivan


With Dismal sign ups and ‘enrollment’ numbers at the Obamacare site, the masterminds at are desperate to find groups of people to sign on. This week its the homosexuals. A group that makes up less than 4% of the population. Whats next? Maybe an ad to reach individuals with …

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New High: 58% View Obamacare Unfavorably


According to Rasmussen Reports, unfavorable views of Obamacare have risen to their highest levels this year with 58% viewing the law unfavorably. Rasmussen’s national telephone survey found that only 38% of likely voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the law. Just one month ago the number of …

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A Canadian tells the truth about Universal Healthcare.


During a conversation with a Canadian that I will call SoS, when it comes to health care in Canada, everyone is “supposed” to be 100% equal. This means that whether you are a millionaire, or a crackhead junkie, you are entitled to the same, exact health care. I don’t know …

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Making Healthcare a “Right” by Alyssa Krumm


President Obama recorded a video message to his supporters discussing the Affordable Care Act where he once again stated that he is determined to make healthcare a “right.” “I’m absolutely confident that we will finish the job of making health care in this country not just a privilege for the fortunate few, but …

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More Spoon Feeding…. Come and Get it

Obama Lips moving scaled

Because so many who want to do NOTHING except complain.  Then they don’t want to be inconvenienced enough to quit watching their football game  or some crap show that gives a no talent individual air-time on national television.  Here is some information that I will spoon feed to you so …

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Obamacare Alternative….Yes They Have One

A Better Way Scaled

By: Joe Hakos, 16 Oct 2013 Day after day the in the tank for anything Obama media beats a drum for all to hear. The tune that is endlessly being beat is…. Republicans don’t want Obamacare, what is their plan to solve the Nation’s healthcare problems. Well truth be told, …

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Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Harry for Ninja Post

Oh it is ON! Harry, Nancy, Schmucky, Barack, and even those “Moderate” Republicans….This has now become personal. For 6 years I for one have tolerated the insanely partisan policies that have come down from on high by these Un-American A-holes and accepted the fact that it was about policies and nothing …

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Barack Obama’s Baby MUST Be ABORTED

Team News Ninja

Barack Obama’s Baby MUST Be ABORTED, By Joe Hakos Since day one of the Barack Obama administration’s reign of terror on the American People the number one priority for Obama was the total and complete take-over of the American Healthcare System. And the fact that the ONLY thing “Shotgun” Joe Biden …

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Superb Ad for Ohio Residents: “GM May Be Alive But Hope Is Dying in Ohio”


When President Barack Obama ran in 2008, an aspect of his platform was protecting pensions . . . unfortunately for phi’s non-union retirees the President ACTUALLY meant that he would protect only union pensions. Revealing Politics interviews retirees who are living with the ramifications of Obama’s broken promises. httpvh:// via …

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US Stocks: Stocks Tumble 1% After Health-Care Ruling

“It’s a pretty clear negative. Until the election [in November], public policy uncertainty was going to be on the rise, dampening business confidence,” Barry Knapp, head of U.S. equity portfolio strategy at Barclays. “This clearly plays into that theme and it leaves a whole bunch of unanswered questions….Markets were going …

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