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Tag Archives: Law Enforcement

CA Lt. Governor just proposed stricter regulations on gun owners!

The current California lieutenant governor and 2018 gubernatorial candidate is proposing several new regulations that seek to limit access to ammunition and magazines for the state’s residents. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is looking to strengthen already restrictive gun laws even further with a 2016 ballot initiative. According to MSNBC, the following are …

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Clever Way to Show Support for Police & Law Enforcement

Showing support for your local police is quite easy to do. On Tuesday Sergeant Greg Moore of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was shot and killed during patrol. Sgt. Moore was a 16 year LEO veteran as well as a husband and father. One man, former Chicago Police officer Robert Rees, has …

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Muslim Enclaves and Sharia Law in America…..It’s Here

America, being a free society, includes many enclaves or small communities of people who band together based on their nationality or religion. That being said, those communities are not formed to integrate their own rule of law or hijack the governing body. In this day and time you would have …

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Should you trust him? Cuomo vows to rebuild public trust with NYPD

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo kicked off his second term on Thursday, saying he is governing in “troubled times” and that education, the economy and rebuilding public trust in law enforcement would top his agenda over the next four years. The governor addressed the protests that followed a grand jury’s …

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