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He did it his way; Romney will not seek 2016 nomination, goes out on top

The mainstream media thought Romney would run again, and even had him leading in some of their polls, but grassroots voters responded unfavorably to their attempt to pick and choose for them this time around. Romney currently leads polling, and with this exit, Romney can leave the political stage with his head held …

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What Happens When a Christian Man Asks Gay Bakers to Make a Cake for a Traditional Marriage Celebration? Watch to Find Out

The mainstream media has done a lot of reporting on Christian bakers refusing to provide their services to those engaging in a gay marriage. These bakers have been called “bigots”, “fundamentalist wackos”, “homophobes” and many other invectives for simply adhering to their principles. They become the target of discrimination lawsuits …

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Five epidemics ignored by the mainstream media

Some epidemics are rarely discussed in the so-called “mainstream media,” but it certainly does not mean that they do not exist. An epidemic can be defined as a “sudden, widespread occurrence of a particular undesirable phenomenon.” Wayne Dupree recently called for a “civil war” within the media because the “old guard has been …

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Wayne Dupree calls for a ‘civil war’ within the media

While speaking with Scottie Nell Hughes of the Tea Party News Network during the “Defending the American Dream Summit” in Dallas over the weekend, Wayne Dupree, CEO & Founder at WAAR Media Group, called for a “civil war” within the media because the “old guard has been getting it wrong for …

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Liberals are cheering as your rights are being stripped away

America, we are aggressively losing our freedom of speech and the government and the powers that be, are giving excuses like”Political Correctness” to take it away from us. We are losing our voice, jobs and companies, because the political zealots are stripping our God given rights always from us. Sadly, …

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CLIVEN BUNDY – NV Ranch LIVE Streaming Video Feed

The Pete Santelli Show has been trying to broadcast the ground happenings since the mainstream media has decided not to report or show too much of the situation at the Bundy Ranch. BOOTS ON GROUND INFO LINE – 9:30pm ET Tonight! #BUNDY CONFERENCE CALL 1-559-726-1300 Code 276125 #tcot #teaparty #sot#orpuw #tiot #tlot #BundyRanch Mesquite, NV Police, Fire, and …

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