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Watch Rubio go after Hillary Clinton and CNBC liberal moderators

Marco Rubio pulled no punches during the debate, calling the mainstream media “the ultimate super PAC for the Democratic Party”. Responding to a bizarre critique that he is “Silicon Valley’s Senator” wherein the moderators attributed quotes to Donald Trump that Trump adamantly denied ever saying, Rubio lashed out at the …

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Krauthammer SLAMS CNBC moderators as “flaming liberals”

CNBC undeniably exposed the obvious bigotry of the progressive left. President Barack Obama and his liberal sycophants have, with the help of the mainstream media, brought our nation to its lowest point in our history. The saddest part of what is happening is Hillary Clinton is just as corrupt if …

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Trump was booed at Values Voters for Rubio knock, I was there

One thing I have learned to be is unbiased when it comes to telling the TRUTH. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump earned a round of boos when he attacked fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio — calling him a “clown” — at an event Friday for conservative, faith-based voters. How do I know? I was …

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Rubio, Paul staffers throw down in barroom fight. Police called to the scene!

This can’t be good for either campaign. A top official for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio allegedly threw a punch at a Mackinac Island barroom at a Michigan consultant working for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul during a large Republican gathering on Thursday night. [mfb_pe url=”″ mbottom=”50″] I guess sometimes there can be too much testosterone in …

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SUTTON: Talking Heads Failed. Here is a Correct Debate Analysis

Well, I sure am late to this party, but I’m stopping by anyway. Why? Because, with the exception of a few quiet spots around the web, almost no one has given an accurate post-analysis of this debate. [twitter-follow username=”R_R_Rye”] First off, the winner of the debate. Just the debate, mind you. …

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Why is Scott Walker skipping this primary and do you agree?

I am going to hit this decision by Governor Scott Walker on both sides. During a fundraiser at the St. Louis home of Rex Sinquefield, Missouri’s most active Republican donor, Walker reasoned that it “doesn’t make a ton of sense for him to pour cash into Florida” with Jeb Bush …

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