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Maryland Lawmakers Attempt to Shut Down the NSA

Republicans in the Maryland House of egates want to hit the National Security Agency where it hurts by denying material support to the spy shop’s Fort Meade Headquarters. The legislation introduced by Republican egates Smigiel, Dwyer, Glass, Kipke, McComas, McDermott, Parrott,and Serafini is called The Fourth Amendment Protection Act. The …

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MD Delegate Sleeps Through Citizens’ Common Core Testimony

(h/t The Quinton Report) egate Mike Smiegel (R-District 36) introduced legislation (HB 76) to prohibit Maryland from adopting the federal “common core” standards. Prohibiting the State Board of Education and specified county boards of education from establishing specified educational policies, curriculum, and guidelines that include or are based on the …

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Maryland’s Poultry Industry Under Attack By Usual Suspects

A bill is being proposed today in the Maryland House of egates that, if it became law, would charge poultry companies $0.05 for every chicken delivered.  It is purportedly to raise revenue to be spent on improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay, but among the bill’s supporters are some …

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MD Pol with Violent Past Limits Victims’ Rights

Maryland’s HB-67 would limit a victim’s right to self defense. What is more troubling is that it was introduced by a delegate with a history of domestic violence. The text of the bill is brief: A PERSON CHARGED WITH A CRIME UNDER THIS ARTICLE MAY ASSERT THE DEFENSE OF SELF–DEFENSE ONLY IF …

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From the Pulpit – 4 Reasons I Cannot Support Barack Obama for President

Bishop Harry Jackson speaks on Pulpit Freedom Sunday. Gives 4 reasons for not supporting Barack Obama for President Life, Marriage, Israel, Religious Freedom. httpvh:// Four Reasons Christians Cannot Support Obama for President 1. Right to Life 2. Sanctity of Marriage 3. Support of Israel 4. Freedom to Preach the Gospel

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Hey Maryland, You have a keeper in Dan Bongino, US Senate candidate

Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Dan Bongino is no ordinary Republican. Bongino, who served in the Secret Service for over ten years, readily criticizes both parties. His worldview was influenced by conservative intellectual Thomas Sowell, who he has studied. Endorsed by the South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund, …

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