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Iran Deal: Barack Obama is an embarrassment to the U.S.

Comparing Iranian radicals with Republicans on the global stage is almost as bad as what he did when he threw Israel out on an island with no support in his speech yesterday. Make no mistake, it is Obama who is “making common cause” with the radical islamic regime in Iran. …

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Nuclear Deal Employs Republican Tactics

In reaching his much anticipated (or dreaded) deal to allow the world’s biggest state supporter of radical Islamic terrorism to acquire nuclear weapons with which to destroy Israel and attack the United States, President Obama appears to have adopted negotiating strategies pioneered by Congressional Republican leaders. The 159 page agreement …

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Kenyan gay couple evicted from home; told to “go wait for your Obama”

In June 2013, Barack Obama tried to tell Africa they must change to accept the new way of living (homosexuality,) and they were like no. Africa is one of the few places that stands defiant against this homosexuality. Follow @waynedupreeshow RELATED ARTICLE: Obama tries to Tell Africa Gay Rights Should be Universal; …

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As Charleston SC grieves, Obama parties in Hollywood with A-listers

According to Daily Mail, Barack Obama headed to Beverly Hills Friday night for a top secret dinner with some of his mega-donors like Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. The secret dinner happened after Obama attended a Democratic Party fundraiser at the home of Tyler Perry. While the dinner was not …

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What?! President Obama’s EPA Now Cracking Down On Airplane Emissions

Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is at it again. What is their next victim? Airplanes. As early as Friday, the EPA will announce new regulations to cut down emissions from airplanes, in the name of man-made “climate change.” As if we don’t already have enough environmental regulations, the argument from environmentalists …

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Watch Dershowitz SLAM Obama on what he’s done with Iran Deal

Wow. Very strong words from liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on Barack Obama. He admitted he voted twice for Obama, but he now says Obama is going to go down in history as a “Foreign Policy disaster” due to his blunder of a deal with Iran. Dershowitz said Obama …

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