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Kathleen Sebelius speechless after learning Obamacare is unpopular

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was literally left speechless when faced with the reality that a majority of Oklahomans do not approve of Barack Obama’s signature law, the Daily Caller said Monday “At last check, 64 percent of Oklahomans aren’t buying into the health-care plan — they don’t …

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A personal secession: part one

Before starting this, take some time to surf the web a bit. Go browse the comments at HuffPo, Salon, the Daily Kos and the like. Then head over to and search a few hashtags that aren’t exactly flattering to any of our sensibilities. You’re sure to find more than a …

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The Obamacare spin to help the Democrats win in November.

Last night I received an email from Kathleen Sebelius, the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, in it she wrote: “Today marks the fourth anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Since its enactment, millions of Americans have benefited from the law. Here are just four …

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Obamacare, we know what you did last night

Once again the Obama administration delayed another portion of the train wreck they call; The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.(Obamacare) Zing! Nancy Pelosi, I said it. Obamacare’s recent delay is because, not enough people actually paid their premiums.(period) There may be up to a million people, who signed up …

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Watch: Harry Reid blames the internet for Obamacare problems

Harry Reid is determined to go down with the sinking ship that is Obamacare. Earlier today he denied any hiccups or delays in the enrollment process then went on to blame the various hiccups and delays on people “not educated on how to use the Internet.”  Watch: So, I guess …

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Obamacare Enrollment Delay will Work on the ‘Honor System’

Despite promising ‘no delay’ in the final Obamacare sign-up deadline, the Obama administration has now unveiled a new ‘honor system’ extension that is set to end mid-April. I had a good laugh when I saw the words “honor system”, being used in any way, shape or form when it comes to …

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Drudge Pays Obamacare Penalty And The Attacks Roll In

Matt Drudge pays opt-out Obamacare penalty calling it a 'LIBERTY TAX'

Matt Drudge of Drudge Report has come under attack for a tweet he sent out stating he had just paid the Obamacare opt-out penalty. Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting covered’… I’M CALLING IT A LIBERTY TAX! — MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) March 21, 2014   This ‘LIBERTY TAX’ …

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Target Florida CD2…In The Democrat’s Crosshairs


I was able to attend the opening of Congressman Steve Southerland’s Campaign Headquarters this weekend. Steve has been in Congress since 2010.  And he is squarely in the Democrat’s crosshairs.  He was elected in what has come to be known as the “Tea Party” wave that gave the Republican Party …

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Michelle Obama on Tonight Show: Young People are ‘Knuckleheads’

We told you yesterday that the celeb wanna-be First Lady Michelle Obama would be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The reported reason for her appearance was to commemorate the 4th anniversary of her Let’s Move! campaign. We expected her to ham it up with Fallon, entertain a …

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Judge Jeanine calling out President Obama!

Tell ‘em, Judge Jeanine! In her opening statement on ‘Justice’, Judge Jeanine Pirro exposes and defines President Obama’s continual and unopposed misuse of executive power. We have a president who signs laws he doesn’t intend to follow, who changes laws that Congress legally enacts, and then uses executive orders somewhere in the middle …

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TERRIFIC GRAPHIC! Obamacare Law Mutation

You know how the Dems love to say ObamaCare is the law? Well that seems to only apply when Republicans want to fix the health care, but when Dems want to change ObamaCare it is more fungible, check out our graphic just to see how many changes Dems have already …

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Maryland man says Obamacare ‘killed my little sister’

It can now be said with certainty that Obamacare kills — not just jobs, but people. In a rare and heart-wrenching guest column posted Monday at Ann Coulter’s website, Doug Graham, a Maryland resident who works in equipment development for the U.S. military, said in no uncertain terms that Obamacare …

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Joe Hakos: Obamacare Designed To Fail….

Obamacare is a TAX

Well maybe not. Because if it does fail under its (Obamacare) own weight then the nation itself will have to fail.  Why? Because written into the Obamacare train wreck are provisions that allow for the Taxpayer to BAILOUT insurance companies if the insurance companies take on too much debt in …

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Who Died and Made This Man-Child King? By Kathryn Stuard

The mainstream media is dead. That’s why you come to newsninja2012 to get the real news. From people just like you. We aren’t professional journalists. Most of us are moms and dads. s, business owners. We ARE you. But here’s the deal. We need you to share our stories and …

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