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BOMBSHELL! Franklin Graham leaves Republican Party!

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And so it begins and I’ve already changed my affiliation also. Franklin Graham today has quit the Republican Party. Graham made his decision after listening to the very lies Republican politicians told him. Many of us know the GOP has been compromising and not standing on its principles for a very long …

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MSNBC Harris-Perry: Saying you’re doing hard work demeans slavery

Harris Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry would like you to know that your “white privilege” is showing when you say someone is a “hard worker.” The newly designated offensive term shocked MSNBC’s own Alfonso Aguilar, who was on the show discussing the prospect of Paul Ryan becoming Speaker of the House. Aguilar referred to …

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Grassroots Reaction To 2014 Values Voters Summit Presidential Straw Poll

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The Values Voter Summit for 2014 just wrapped up in Washington, where passionate and unwavering conservatives filled the Omni Shoreham Hotel. The energy and excitement were palpable. An amazingly diverse group of powerhouse conservatives, including Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Star Parker, the Benham brothers, the Duggars, and Bobby …

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Paul Ryan on Amnesty: Question of ‘When’ Not ‘If’


Paul Ryan spoke to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday addressing the topic of amnesty. At the breakfast he said, “To me, it’s not a question of ‘if’ we fix our broken immigration laws. It’s really a question of ‘when.’” Ryan also stated, “We know its importance; we know …

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A Government Without Honor

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Well once again the Government is using the weight of trillions of dollars to turn its back on those who have served and are serving our, and I hate to say this, once great Nation. The 2014 Budget being voted on today by the U.S. Senate and surely to be …

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Who Cares….They Only Sacrificed For Their Nation

Ryan and Boehner Scaled

Well on 12 December 2013 the U.S. House voted 332-94 for a two-year federal budget that will set spending at $1.012 trillion for the 2014 fiscal year and $1.014 trillion in 2015. And then the representatives voted 350-69 for a $632.8 billion defense bill — the National Defense Authorization Act — that …

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Congressman Ryan Has Soup, Salad, and IRS Commissioner for Lunch at House Ways and Means Committee Today – VIDEO

Congressman Ryan has soup, salad and IRS Commissioner for Lunch at House Ways and Means Committee Today – VIDEO

Rep. Paul Ryan blasted acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller today during testimony at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing. Ryan pointed out the commissioner’s previous inaccurate statements to the committee. Paul Ryan also got Miller to admit that liberal groups with progressive names were not targeted by the IRS. [fbcomments]

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Newsninja2012: Breakdown of CPAC2013 Day Two

Newsninja2012: Breakdown of CPAC2013 Day Two

“They are the party of shared hardship, we are the party of equal opportunity.” —  Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan joined CPAC 2013 on the second day and it was good. One thing i will say is that all the speeches that i have listened to so far there have been …

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Politico’s Jim VandeHei: Biden Barely Mentioned Obama


Biden barely mentioned President Obama at all, as if he were ashamed of him. The word “Obama” appears 30 times in the debate transcript. Ryan mentioned Obama 25 times (10 times as “Obamacare”), while moderator Martha Raddatz used the word only four times, and Biden only once. httpvh:// In contrast, …

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Krauthammer’s Analysis: If You Heard the Debate on the Radio, Biden Won; If You Watched It on TV, He Lost


Following tonight’s vice presidential debate, Charles Krauthammer provided perspective on the candidates’ performances. In declaring a debate winner, Krauthammer said, “If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched it on television, he lost.” While Biden sounded forceful and aggressive, Krauthammer believes people who watched the debate on …

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RNC Puts out Quick Ad – Biden Laughing At the Issues


In tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, current VP Joe Biden somehow found a way to laugh during the whole debate. Very odd, considering the country is dealing with a horrible economy, still high unemployment and gas prices, attacks abroad on U.S. officials, and continuing war, and death of our troops. There’s …

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