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America’s Fifth Column


“It is when the majority in a country becomes weak, indifferent and confused that a criminal minority, beautifully organized like all gangs, seizes the power”, wrote Ayn Rand in her open letter To All Fifth Columnist. Speaking about the tragedy of today, Rand concludes that “by remaining unorganized, mentally unarmed, indifferent …

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Missouri State Senator Threatens White Voters on Social Media


What do you think the ramifications would be if a white politician threatened minority voters on social media?  Start with a firestorm of coverage on all the liberal media news organizations and more than likely 24 hour coverage on MSNBC or CNN. Next would probably be a public outcry and …

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A personal secession: part two

sad man walking

In part one of this I urged liberty minded individuals to disengage from the incessant, pointless, and childish barb trading that you see in virtually every news article and social media site, and to deprive oxygen from the fires that so many apparently thrive on stoking. Seriously, if you get …

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Why Do They Do It? Inbreeding? Maybe

Michael Smith

Mr. Smith has stimulated the mind once again and I have wondered about those in the media and their friends, why do they do it?  Now it may be just simply inbreeding and that explains why their family trees have no branches.  But Mr. Smith has a better reason.  More …

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Leftist Group Says Romney ”Too White” to Talk to Blacks


Behind the Scenes Video: Team Romney Preps for NAACP Address A satirical video short that lacerates Mitt Romney and his advisors as they prepare for his speech to the NAACP convention in Houston on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. This is the first original production by The Message, a new progressive …

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