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Michael Moore: Americans Desire Guns Because They’re Racist

I know that most of you don’t even care what Michael “TINY” Moore says but seriously this 1% who has made money through capitalism and then demonized it needs to be called out on it every time it happens. Friday night, on the heels of last week’s mass shooting at …

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The truth about Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”

“The deep south had to be virtually conceded to George Wallace.  I could not match him there without compromising on civil rights, which I would not do.” – Richard Nixon Democrats condemn Republican President Richard Nixon for his so-called “Southern Strategy.” These same Democrats expressed no concern when the racially …

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SOLUTION: How to get rid of Racism!! – Limited Time!

I don’t agree with Morgan Freeman’s views but this time he got it right! Many people quote Dr Martin Luther King Jr when they want to seem like they know what they are talking about but they don’t know what Dr Martin Luther King Jr was talking about. So-black democratic …

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Rev Wayne Perryman – Drama of Obama Regarding Racism

Rev. Wayne Perryman spoke about the revised history in our nation, where the truth is politically incorrect and where the race card is played without shame. The president took AF1 to Europe on an apology tour and degraded our great nation and people. Evidently, Obama lacks historical facts about our …

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Shut Up Racist! Fast & Furious Defenders Charge Racism

Are you a racist if you want answers about the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal? Find out on this Hair of the Dog as Stephen Green brings you the Sunday coverage of the scandal rocking Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department. [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery]

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NewsNinja2012 Inside Scoop: Nancy Pelosi is Going Mad I Tell Ya!!

Attorney General Eric Holder received a contempt order from Darrell Issa’s committee this past week due to his unwillingness to release paperwork that was held for a year. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Galore) thought that it was the right time to make this situation into a race …

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