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Paul to Rubio: Resign or give back your Senate paycheck

If GOP candidate Marco Rubio can’t do his present job what makes anybody believe he will do any better as the POTUS? It’s called personal accountability. And if our leaders don’t have it, their minions won’t either. Rubio, Rubio wherefore art thou Rubio.

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Rand Paul says reports of his demise is greatly exaggerated

GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul is tired of hearing about his campaign being toast! I will admit I have sprinkled dirt on his attempt to win the GOP nomination because the promise he jumped in the race with has significantly diminished. Politico featured a piece a couple of weeks ago …

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Rubio, Paul staffers throw down in barroom fight. Police called to the scene!

This can’t be good for either campaign. A top official for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio allegedly threw a punch at a Mackinac Island barroom at a Michigan consultant working for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul during a large Republican gathering on Thursday night. [mfb_pe url=”″ mbottom=”50″] I guess sometimes there can be too much testosterone in …

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SUTTON: Talking Heads Failed. Here is a Correct Debate Analysis

Well, I sure am late to this party, but I’m stopping by anyway. Why? Because, with the exception of a few quiet spots around the web, almost no one has given an accurate post-analysis of this debate. [twitter-follow username=”R_R_Rye”] First off, the winner of the debate. Just the debate, mind you. …

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R, D, or I, Rand Paul is the Litmus Test on Where You Stand

Last week conservatives lost their mind over the “friendly fire” from Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul on the topic of ISIS. Speaking with MSNBC’s token (and artificial) right-winger Joe Scarborough, he responded to a question asked in the spirit of Lindsey Graham. It was a baited trap that garnered …

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