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9 House Repubs Vote Against Repealing Obamacare


When House Republicans get a chance to repeal Obamacare and are able to send that to a Republican President that’s a good thing. So why did nine House Republicans vote no on the repeal. From Roll Call: House Republicans on Friday passed a bare-bones fiscal 2017 budget resolution with few …

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Trey Gowdy reassures Americans Benghazi committee is about 4 dead Americans!


The only difference between the Watergate investigations and the Benghazi investigations is that the Republicans agreed with the Democrats that it needed to be investigated. They looked beyond politics and sought justice. The Democrats today can’t look beyond their noses. Hillary Clinton campaign is hyping the upcoming testimony before Congress’ …

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UNREAL! Liberals Blame U.S. Republicans For Greece’s Financial Crisis

media bias good

Oops, they did it again. Who did these liberals blame Greece’s bankruptcy on? U.S. Republicans! Just when you thought their criticism couldn’t get any worse, they once again blame conservatives or republicans on a crisis, when in reality the bankruptcy is due to the enormous size of Greece’s federal government. …

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The 2016 Presidential Candidate Smorgasbord


I am very excited about all the choices we have for 2016 presidential candidates on the Republican side, with more announcing each day. I know some people in the media are wringing their hands and worrying over so many voices, but isn’t that what want? Each candidate brings good and …

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ESPN Host Causes Controversy: Suggests Blacks Should Vote Republican


ESPN host Stephen A. Smith gave an impassioned monologue at the Impact Symposium at Vanderbilt University in Nashville that has caused quite a stir. What I dream is that for one election, just once, every black person in America vote Republican, Smith compared blacks voting for Republicans to customers “shopping …

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The Chicago Way: Coming to Missouri?


Missourians, whether part of the political scene or not were shocked by the apparent suicide a few weeks ago of Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich. Up until that time, Schweich might have seemed like a guy who was in control. Great family, had sailed easily to re-election last fall, and …

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CPAC and the Ghost of William Buckley


This past weekend, Conservatives gathered in Washington D.C. for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. It is the yearly pilgrimage of Conservatives from all over the country to mingle, debate, party, and in the case of this year, mull over a pretty extensive slate of possible 2016 presidential …

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Jeff Sessions Gets It! Making The Case For Real Immigration Reform

Digital Capture

While most Washington politicians seem to have forgotten the voters that sent them there, one Republican Senator apparently has not. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) looks like a bull elephant standing in a herd or rhinos with his newly released roadmap for the GOP to follow on immigration reform, a 26 …

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Vito and Vito: Congressman Stockman Rips Apart RINOs & John Boehner

Steve Stockman, John Boehner

Vito and Vito were joined by former Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX). Congressman Stockman went after the Speaker and all of his RINO Establishment friends in Congress.   From Congressman Stockman joking to Rep. Michael Grimm to follow through on throwing the NY1 reporter off the balcony to joking around about …

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CRomnibus: Focus On The Positive

Boehner funds Wolf Attacks

So let’s chat about this so-called “CRomnibus” which passed the House earlier this week , and the Senate late yesterday. No, it doesn’t declare war on Obamacare, or illegal amnesty. And yes….  “stop the presses”,,, it’s loaded with pork. Of course there were other strategies, but anyone who thinks O’care or amnesty …

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Republican Capitulation Feeds Obama’s Tyranny


When Barack Obama announced his plan Thursday night to mainstream millions of illegal immigrants with an executive order allowing them to remain in the United States without facing deportation he not only created a precedent, but a law in itself. In true dictatorial fashion, Obama laid out his decree by justifying his order in …

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Backed Into The Red Corner?


Sometimes it’s worrisome to wonder if conservatives have squandered an opportunity these last six years. This midterm election cycle was an even bigger success than 2010. But was it simply a repudiation of Obama and his policies, or the philosophy of big government solutions in general? It can be easily forgotten that Obama is …

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The Treacherous Years Of Obama’s Presidency


The 2014 mid-term election was historic for Republicans and for Americans on the whole. This election reflected not only a rejection, but an outright repudiation of the Barack Obama administration. Republicans were able to regain control of the Senate by running on a ballot that flat out opposed Obama’s agenda. …

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Sarah Palin’s Refreshing Solution

Sarah Palin addresses the Faith & Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference in Washington

Sarah Palin came out with a bang at the 2014 Values Voter Summit bringing out her bold, no-nonsense type of attitude that made her famous in the first place. She talked about a bright America, one where our President doesn’t denounce the country in front of the world or brings up …

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