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Sarah Palin’s Refreshing Solution

Sarah Palin addresses the Faith & Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference in Washington

Sarah Palin came out with a bang at the 2014 Values Voter Summit bringing out her bold, no-nonsense type of attitude that made her famous in the first place. She talked about a bright America, one where our President doesn’t denounce the country in front of the world or brings up …

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Top 10 Toss-Up Senate Races Of 2014


With the 2014 midterm election only a month away, the outlook for Republicans is favorable as they seek to win the six seats necessary to take control of the Senate. Many key Senate battleground races show just a point or two separating Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have kept things close by …

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Top 10 Reasons I’m Not A Republican, Either


Special thanks to Ellysa Maye for the inspiration. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: #10. The duality of Theodore Roosevelt’s “rugged individualism” and actually being the initiator of progressivism into mainstream politics before the democrats. #9. The 5 1/2 trillion national debt accumulated thus far in 2000 versus the …

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Ugh. The Struggle Of A Purist In November 2014


So today I was scolded a little bit. By my mom. Catching up as we often do, she asked me, “What is happening in the world of politics today?” To which I glibly answered, “Well, we have 43 days until the big election where we will watch the defeat of …

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Democrat Betrayal of the Black Community


Over the Independence Day weekend last month, there had been a lot of conversations on the Founding Fathers and the birth of this great nation. Everyone knows about the sacrifices made in the Revolutionary War and the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Yorktown and the Saratoga campaign. Many marvel at …

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“Conform” by Glenn Beck cover torn off on sale on eBay


“Conform” by Glenn Beck Autographed Copy Signed, with the cover torn off, on The Glenn Beck Program is now at auction on eBay. “Conform” by Glenn Beck exposes Common Core. Watch Common Core Takeover on The Blaze. Your browser does not support iframes. There is less than a day to …

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Virginia Senate in Frenzy after Democrat steps down; Republicans in Control


Sen. Phillip P. Puckett, D-Russell, will announce Monday that he is resigning his state Senate seat, suddenly giving Republicans a 20-19 edge in the chamber and dealing a setback to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s push to expand Medicaid. Puckett’s stunning resignation throws Democratic budget strategy into chaos and opens the way …

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Gay Republicans Confuse the Left

Gay flag

As Americans move further into the midterm election season, Conservatives of all different stripes have been compelled to toss their hats in the ring and run for office. Every day, the numbers of black Conservatives continues to grow as more and more African Americans come to the realization that the …

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Harvard Survey Shows Good News for Republicans in 2014


The Democrats are facing an uphill battle this year with voters, particularly young people. According to a survey released by the Harvard Institute of Politics, Millennials (18-29 year olds) who self-identify as Republican are more likely to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Less than one-in-four (23%) young Americans under …

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Politically Ignorant Hank Aaron compares GOP to KKK

Hank Aaron

Speaking to USA Today Tuesday on the 40th anniversary of his then record-breaking 715th home run, the 80-year-old Aaron said that Republicans are hindering Obama’s job performance. “Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in …

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CALL TO ACTION: CA Initiative Will Render Union Money Useless In Elections

California_flag wisconsin part two dupree 2

A California Republican has introduced an initiative that will effectively render public sector union, and other special interest money useless in elections. John Cox, a lawyer & founder of the Cox Financial Group, says that his Neighborhood Legislature initiative would be the “greatest transfer of power since 1776,” because “special-interest …

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WAR on Women! Where The War Is Real


We should all be familiar with the Democrat playbook by now. Not only do they love to divide Americans into categories, black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor, men, women, they also love to portray these categories of people as victims of one thing or another. Predictably, they are the “victims” …

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LIBERALS ARGUE! Pelosi “The System isn’t Corrupt”; Stewart “The system is Corrupt”


In a half-hour interview released today on the Daily Show‘s website, Stewart expressed his frustration with Washington, starting with the fumbled Obamacare website that Pelosi said “will be better.” Cutting to competence, Stewart was surprised when Pelosi avoided responsibility for the problem-plagued website, part of the system she pushed through for President Obama. “Why …

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Michael Grimm Threat, MSM Freaks. Candy Crowley Throwing An Election? Nope

grimm on news

How’s this for double standards. New York congressman Michael Grimm allegedly threatened an ambush reporter after Obama’s State of the Union speech. In typical fashion, state-run media freaks out in horror. Of course, they were oddly silent when Candy Crowley helped throw the 2012 election during the Benghazi portion of …

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Who Died and Made This Man-Child King? By Kathryn Stuard


The mainstream media is dead. That’s why you come to newsninja2012 to get the real news. From people just like you. We aren’t professional journalists. Most of us are moms and dads. s, business owners. We ARE you. But here’s the deal. We need you to share our stories and …

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Republicans Are Because of Conservatives by Cat Hernandez


In a midsized conference room located at the Grand Hyatt above Grand Central Station there was a meeting of the GOP minds.  It was the monthly NY Meeting organized by Mallory Factor (GOP fundraiser) and O’Brien Murray (GOP Consultant).  The NY Meeting is an invite only event that gives Republicans …

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Democrats 2014: Vote for Us so Republicans won’t Impeach Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama participates in a town hall style meeting with students and faculty at Binghamton University

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sent out a paranoid email Saturday evening urging supporters to vote for Democrats so that Republicans can’t impeach President Obama. The email, subject line “Impeachment,” was sent to Obama for America supporters, imploring them to contribute to the DNC’s 2014 efforts. First off, Republicans don’t …

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It’s Time to Come Home

Ilegally dumped tires sit in front of a vacant, blighted home in a once thriving neighborhood on the east side of Detroit

21% of Americans in a 2012 Gallup Poll identify themselves as Liberal. This post is not for you. I am writing this piece for the millions of Americans who are not liberal, but have voted Democrat in the last couple election cycles. This article will have the best effect if …

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A Message From the REAL Speaker of the House

Speaker Reid Logo Scaled

  Statement on Bipartisan Senate Agreement to Reopen Government, Avoid Default   WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker Harry Reid (D-NV) released the following statement regarding the bipartisan Senate agreement to reopen the federal government and avoid a national default: “The House has fought like scared babies to convince the president …

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What of the Ruling Class ?


  So, a little analysis is in order. A small number of first term lawmakers that are clearly articulating constitutional principles have emerged on the national scene. They collectively identify areas in which the Federal government has no authority to meddle. A large portion of the American people, some unfortunately …

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Reid To Children With Cancer…No Help From Harry

Harry for Ninja Post

Harry “He’s Evil” Reid held a presser today. He was asked if he would help children with cancer as the Republicans were going to send to him funding for the children in a bill…Harry then show us just HOW much he cares about American Children. Harry is pretty full of …

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Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Harry for Ninja Post

Oh it is ON! Harry, Nancy, Schmucky, Barack, and even those “Moderate” Republicans….This has now become personal. For 6 years I for one have tolerated the insanely partisan policies that have come down from on high by these Un-American A-holes and accepted the fact that it was about policies and nothing …

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