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Money Talks! RNC Breaks Record on Donations in 2015

For all the talk about getting money out of politics it sure isn’t trending in that direction for the Republican National Committee. According to Chairman Reince Priebus, the party has a warschest of $18.7 million on hand. Priebus tweeted out the info on Wednesday morning calling it a historic year. According to The Hill, …

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RNC starts new faith-focused outreach

The Republican National Committee has started a new initiative aimed at faith voters and launched a new website called The new initiative will be lead by Faith Engagement Director, Chad Connelly. The purpose of the website is to keep pro-faith voters up to date with how the Republican Party …

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HEY RNC! Stay away from Las Vegas!

Sheldon Adelson gambles to being the RNC to Las Vegas.

Right now, there are six cities working to become the host for the RNC convention for 2016. On that list is Las Vegas, and while some look forward to the ability to party it up, others are left scratching their heads at the possibility of throwing away a future vote. …

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It’s the Inclusion, Stupid – The RNC and it’s Outreach

You may be scratching your head wondering if I meant to reference the more familiar saying, ‘it’s the economy stupid’.  No, it was not a typo, and unfortunately for the RNC, a GA candidate for US Senate may make the inclusion phrase a little too familiar by the end of …

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