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He did it his way; Romney will not seek 2016 nomination, goes out on top

The mainstream media thought Romney would run again, and even had him leading in some of their polls, but grassroots voters responded unfavorably to their attempt to pick and choose for them this time around. Romney currently leads polling, and with this exit, Romney can leave the political stage with his head held …

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Mitt Romney Accepts Melissa Perry-Harris Apology; Time to Move On

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry had said segment on GOP diversity became “offensive” and showing Romney family photo with black grandson “was poor judgment” in that context. During Harris-Perry’s year-in-review program, the panel on her MSNBC show discussed the GOP’s lack of diversity by commenting on a Romney family photo of the …

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Ohio poll: Romney leads 51-48 among those certain to vote

The first post-presidential debate poll in critical Ohio shows that Mitt Romney blunted President Obama’s momentum with his winning performance and is now leading the president among Ohioans who say that they are “certain” to vote. Overall, the race is deadlocked with Obama over Romney 50 percent to 49 percent, …

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Mitt Romney: ‘This is not what a real recovery looks like’

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not have anything good to say about Friday’s jobs report showing unemployment down to 7.8 percent. “This is not what a real recovery looks like,” he said in a statement. “The results of President Obama’s failed policies are staggering – 23 million Americans struggling for …

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Democrat James Carville: ‘Mitt Romney came with a chainsaw’

Add CNN’s James Carville to the list of Democrats questioning President Barack Obama’s performance against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday. In CNN’s wrap-up of its debate coverage, Carville, a campaign adviser to former President Bill Clinton, gave Obama’s campaign high marks but added that Obama probably didn’t go …

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Romney Protester Speaks: I am Voting for Obama because he gives free phones

This protester represents a majority of Liberal Democratic Voters whether you want to agree or disagree. This protester outside of Romney rally explains how Obama gives all minorities free phones and that is why they should vote for him. Cleveland Ohio, September 26, 2012. httpvh:// Not sure how many of …

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