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Tag Archives: Sean Hannity

Wow! Check Out This Latest Twitter Meltdown From Sean Hannity

There has been a twitter fight brewing between Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal and Sean Hannity from Fox News over the past 24 hours. It began when Stephens tweeted the following below, calling out Hannity for attacking Donald Trump’s critics. Fox News' dumbest anchor had a message for …

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Feminism: Advocacy for Victimhood, Not Empowerment

When did the feminist movement become the poster child for powerless women? In the 60’s the feminist rallying cry was ‘I am woman hear me roar,’ yet today the movement seems to do a little less roaring, and a lot more crying. Crying Foul Crying Victim Crying Sexism It’s a …

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All parents should see this movie on Common Core: We Will Not Conform

Watch Glenn Beck discuss We Will Not Conform with Sean Hannity on Fox News. He is referring to the film as a “call to action” that will take place on July 22 in movie theaters across America. Beck said that through this film, he will be arming Americans with the knowledge to speak out against the Common …

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Team Ninja goofing off with Sean Hannity

Wayne Dupree, Alyssa Lafage and Elly Maye have some fun with Sean Hannity after the taping of his show at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. For  in-depth coverage of the Republican Leadership Conference, be sure to follow Wayne Dupree Show on and .

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