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Casteloni: TAFTA, TPP: Question for Real Candidates

In Europe few know about the TPP, but in America few know about the recent 8th session of TAFTA negotiations. That is right, another yet opaque transatlantic treaty which is coming up. There currently is a conspiracy theory movement in Europe that is trying to tie Christians and Communists together against the socialist …

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WILLIS: When The Debate BECOMES The Debate

The big question everyone asks following a debate is “Who won?” Sometimes, as was the case in the early debate among the 2nd tier candidates, the answer is clear. Other times, as we saw from the main event featuring the top tier candidates, the answer is a bit more complicated. …

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Media Defanged – The Trump Effect

Isn’t it amazing what a politician can do when he doesn’t have to care about sucking up to wealthy donors or the news media? By relying on his own wealth to fund his campaign, Donald Trump has effectively muted the media’s control over some important conversations this country desperately needs …

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Can Donald Trump Actually Help Romney Pull in Votes?

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is refusing to repudiate Donald Trump even though the billionaire continues to believe that President Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen. Speaking to reporters aboard his campaign plane on Monday, Romney said he did not agree with Trump but stopped short of saying …

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