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Hidden Report Podcast: Let’s talk Potus on twitter!


Angel & JP discuss the racists who were attacking the new potus account. Why are liberals blaming conservatives for all of those racist tweets? We also talk about how a white guy shoots a cop and not only lives, but gets to go home on bail! Finally, we cover the amazing …

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Missouri State Senator Threatens White Voters on Social Media


What do you think the ramifications would be if a white politician threatened minority voters on social media?  Start with a firestorm of coverage on all the liberal media news organizations and more than likely 24 hour coverage on MSNBC or CNN. Next would probably be a public outcry and …

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Is Cop’s Answer to “I Can’t Breathe” Shirts a Threat?


Since the death of Eric Garner, his final words; “I can’t breathe” have become the rallying cry of those who feel like they’re being oppressed by the police. It has been seen on as a hashtag, on shirts worn by NBA players and signs carried by protestors across the …

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Top 10 Most Intellectually-Insulting Tweets from Liberals

Have you ever read something so stupid, so narrow-minded, and so idiotic that you wanted to smash your head into the nearest wall? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. has been rife with idiocy since its creation, and liberals have been emboldened into spewing more of their moronic statements …

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Democrats: It’s Panic Time

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The beltway pundits may reference the latest 2014 election poll to determine whether it’s time for the DNC to panic, the rest of us turn to . When engaging on , the ability to make a pithy point is a must. Each is limited to 140 characters providing much creativity …

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