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Immigration And Barack Obama’s New Americans

While the American voters sent a message of repudiation against the overreach of the executive branch in the November 2014 elections, the executive responded by informing the voters that their message would be ignored. As Republicans won in a landslide election that gave them control of Congress by vowing to stop …

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Democrats’ Amnesty Death Trap

Amnesty Death Trap

With today’s hot-button issue of immigration, the motivation and the root cause of this man-made crisis has been lost. For those of you Democrats out there who think the leaders of your party are such caring and sympathetic humanitarians and all that they want is what’s good for illegal Hispanic …

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The Day the Democrats Took Over

Remember Jan. 3, '07

CFJ’s Liberal Education Annex is where we try to educate Liberals, even though some are way too far gone to be reasoned with. We try to arm Conservatives with ACTUAL FACTS, preparing them to counter any regurgitated, left-wing, epically false talking points. This week’s column is about the real cause of …

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The ‘Booming’ Labor Market by Chris Ivan

Something quite remarkable is happening in the labor market, the baby boomers are not retiring. In fact many that were retired reentered the workforce. With the medicare cuts, weakening dollar, and overall cost of living on the rise, it seems the boomers are responding the old fashioned way, by working. …

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