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Free non-citizen inhabitant female cries rape during traffic stop


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Especially if you’re a moron. That’s the lesson from this video showing a woman spouting some more-than-questionable “constitutional” knowledge. “Article 4, free inhabitant, pursuant to the Articles in Confederation, you can look it up. It’s in the United States book of codes,” the …

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Police release Sandra Bland booking video to dispel conspiracy theories


Conspiracy theorist have jumped on social media with the most morbid lies concerning Sandra Bland and her mugshot photo and it’s clearly gotten out of hand. Today officials in Waller County, Texas, released new video showing Bland being booked into jail days before her apparent suicide. Bland, initially pulled over …

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Breaking: James O’Keefe Exposes Another University Sympathetic to ISIS


James O’Keef strikes again! In a video released today by Project Veritas, undercover investigative journalists expose several high-level officials and a professor at Barry University sanctioning a club with the stated purpose of sending material aid to the terrorist group ISIS. Watch: This video comes just a week after a …

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Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attacks, promises more


A top al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader has released a video claiming responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack and warning the West of more “tragedies and terror”. Nasr al-Ansi, a top commander of AQAP as the branch is known, appeared in an 11-minute video posted Wednesday, saying that …

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Be Warned: This Video Is Not Mike Brown Knocking Out Old Man

Gentle Giant Mike Brown

This video has been circulating with title that includes Mike Brown of Ferguson. I have watched it over and over and this is not Brown. I am posting so that you know it’s not him. Yes, the kid disrespected the older man and robbed him of his belongings but truth …

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Really? Repeat Armed Robber Shot And His Family Is Mad?

gun shot

So this guy was attempting to rob a store, a concealed carry customer noticed, told the guy not to move, he did, so he shot him. Then the criminal’s family has the audacity to complain that the ccw holder should have just left the scene and let the criminal do what …

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All About The Hose! #BlackFriday Mayhem at Victoria Secret [VIDEO]

All About the Hose

The video was posted to YouTube, but the exact location of the Victoria’s Secret store was not given, reports International Business Times. In the video, two women, one in black and green clothes and the other wearing a white long-sleeve shirt, attack another woman before mayhem breaks out across the …

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