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DNC Chairwoman believes there should be no limits on abortion, period

Last week, the head of the Democratic Party Debbie Wasserman Schultz made it clear: There should be no limits on abortion at all. That’s an extremely radical viewpoint that recent polling shows most Americans disagree with. (A November 2014 Quinnipiac poll found that 60% of Americans — including 56 % …

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CNN now debunks Obama attempt to paint Romney a Felon

Four sources say that Mitt Romney left in middle of February of 1999. They insist they were required by law to leave Romney’s name on company while it was going through changes to split up the company. Mind you CNN spoke to 1 Republican and 3 Democrats which agreed that …

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Wolf Blitzer Praises Romney for NAACP Visit – Scolds Obama? New CNN??

Hey, one Presidential candidate cared enough about the African-American vote to show up to the NAACP’s annual convention in this election year. Too bad it wasn’t the Democrat. Wolf Blitzer delivered a scolding to Barack Obama for skipping the convention, especially after Mitt Romney’s standing-in-the-lion’s-den speech reaffirming his commitment to …

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