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Talking ‘Bout a Revolution

Wow newsninja2012 fans…. Are you seeing what’s happening in DC? Are you perhaps participating? If you are seeing it, it’s certainly not on the mainstream media. You’re seeing it on twitter or Facebook. You may be checking out The Blaze or Breitbart. It’s not even really being covered by Fox.
This is the dawn of a revolution in the US. And all we hear in the MSM is …. Crickets.
Egypt explodes. Syria explodes. Libya explodes. Covered. We all hear about it. Iran exploded in 2009 and ….. Crickets. Anyone but this mad mom see a connection?
Hedley Lamar and his ilk are still trying to ruin RockRidge (see former post). And yet look at all the ‘Mongos’ out fighting for our liberty. Fighting to keep the socialist train from hitting our RockRidge.
YOU are ‘Mongo’. I am ‘Mongo’ and although I’m not in DC today with our fabulous vets and the truckers and everyone else, I’m with them in spirit. I post and repost on social media. I’m sending donations to as many causes and conservative candidates I can afford. I’ll be making phone calls for Steve Lonegan this Wednesday evening.
Please channel your inner ‘Mongo’ every day!! This administration and the MSM may be trying to pretend we aren’t here, but if we keep fighting every day they won’t triumph. They misjudged how true Americans feel and how strong we are.
WE ARE NOT “Pawns in game of life”
Just some thoughts from your favorite mad mom.

About Kathryn Stuard

Full time patriot. Mother of five. Wife of best man in the world. I like to play tennis and shoot guns. But not at the same time. Follow me on twitter @westxgal

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