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Teacher Takes Mic Away From Autistic Child During Thanksgiving School Play!


From the video it looked very bad but learning more about the story and listening to the School Superintendent, I don’t think there was any premeditated action toward this little boy. I understand the parent’s feelings as you are in front of so many people and you don’t want people to see your child standing up there crying and embarrassed.

To my knowledge, the young kid named Caleb had already spoke and did his thing during the show. It could have been done a lot better I think. Maybe the child’s parent could have told him to sit down, or someone could have escorted him to a seat while the other students did their parts.

Hindsight is 20/20 in this case after the fact, but I don’t believe this was done on purpose.

From Fox News:

An autistic six-year-old boy in West Virginia was brought to tears when a teacher grabbed the microphone he was about to speak into while on stage during a Thanksgiving play on Tuesday.

Caleb’s parents posted a video of the incident on social media and the clip has gone viral.

Children in costumes approach the mic one by one to thank the audience and wish them a happy Thanksgiving. When it comes time for Caleb to speak, a woman is seen yanking the mic from its stand.

“I left in tears because one teacher Mrs. Linsey I think her name is grabbed the microphone from Caleb and in a mean way,” wrote Amanda Riddle. “My son is a little different I know this but his heart is so big and he loves everyone. What does it matter if he wanted to say gobble gobble he was the turkey after all. I’m sick of kids that are not considered “normal” be treated the way they are.”

The School Superintendent said this action wasn’t done with malice and didn’t want it to be seen as such.

Do you think this was done on purpose? Share your comments below.

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