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Ted Cruz activist becomes Donald Trump’s co-chair in New Hampshire


GOP Candidate Ted Cruz has been picking off Ben Carson and Marco Rubio supporters and possibly Donald Trump supporters so this addition to Trump’s team should come as no shock as people are jockeying for positions in the last few weeks before the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

Andrew Hemingway is a considered a very respected New Hampshire activist. he also ran for the Governor seat. Here is a little more about the move from Trump’s press release.

From Donald J. Trump:

Today Donald J. Trump announced that he has received the endorsement of former Ted Cruz supporter and respected New Hampshire activist and entrepreneur Andrew Hemingway. Hemingway will play a key role in assisting the campaign as a state co-chair in New Hampshire.

Mr. Trump stated, “I love the people of New Hampshire and have made many great friends over the years. We have a great team in place, the biggest crowds and continue to lead all the polls. Andrew is a great addition and with his help we will win New Hampshire and Make America Great Again!”

Hemingway served as the state director for Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign, and he is a former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus. He is currently the CEO of, a New Hampshire-based business that employs over 200 Granite Staters.

Hemingway added that, “Mr. Trump built the most robust grassroots network out of all candidates in the race. He has engaged thousands of Granite Staters who had never found a reason to participate in the past. He is earning the support of these voters with the straight-talk they have been seeking for years. Mr. Trump has the business experience and leadership abilities that the other candidates in this race lack. We cannot afford to elect another Washington insider that promises one thing and does another.”

Will this do anything for Trump in New Hampshire, we shall see. Will this hurt Cruz in New Hampshire as reports are he hasn’t visited since November, time will soon tell.

What are your thoughts about this move. Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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