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Ted Cruz holds back no more! Hit Donald Trump on 1999 positions, will it work for him?

It’s clear it is now all out war that Senator Ted Cruz has decided to wage on Donald Trump. He released this ad this morning. The entire ad is a clip of Donald Trump being interviewed by the late Tim Russert in 1999! Trump was hesitant about what his view was on Gay Marriage and stated he was “Pro-Choice” in the interview.

One thing I am not sure off and not happy with is this is like a regular politician ad. Cruz doesn’t bother to include that Donald Trump has stated now for years that his views have changed, and he is Pro-Life. Trump has never denied his previous views. But Cruz has poll-tested this approach and believes muddying the waters on what Trump’s position on these issues is today is a winning ticket for him – in Iowa. We’ll see if it works.

If this scorched earth approach works in Iowa, the question is, will it make him stronger in New Hampshire? Does the “New York Values” attack help in New Hampshire and beyond? If Trump wins anyway in Iowa, Cruz has not only lost there but harmed himself going forward. He’s banking it will work in Iowa.

Check it out:

Do you think this ad will find an audience? Will many new voters see this as a political “half-truth” ad? What are your thoughts? Please share them below in the comment section.


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