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Ted Cruz responds to Rubio’s Super PAC painting him soft on National Security

Ted Cruz is now surging in Iowa in particular, and he is taking off the gloves against Marco Rubio as Rubio tries to paint Cruz as soft on National Security.

That’s right, a SuperPAC supporting Rubio is running an ad that tries to paint Cruz as soft on protecting America! You know as well as I do – that dog won’t hunt! GOP Voters are not going to believe that – not about Ted Cruz.

When asked about it, Cruz went right at Rubio, saying this attack is a “sign of desperation” by Rubio, because he knows he is very vulnerable because of his pro-Amnesty stand with Chuck Schumer and the Gang of Eight. “So he’s trying to change the subject,” Cruz said.

Cruz was very careful to say Rubio’s attack is “not from anyone on the Right.” Cruz is going to hammer Rubio as a pro-Amnesty moderate who is not genuinely conservative.

Cruz looks like he has hit his stride now doesn’t he? With Carson falling before Thanksgiving and Cruz rising, December could prove very significant for his standing nationally don’t you think?


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