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Ted Cruz SLAMS Brit Hume’s claim he hasn’t won anything like a boss!

Here is Ted Cruz schooling Fox News’ Bret Baier on the fights he has led AND won in the U.S. Senate on behalf of Conservatives. Baier had suggested Cruz may have tried to lead some fights – but what has he won?

Cruz pointed out, among others, his leadership in defeating Barack Obama’s gun control attempts. He’s right! Cruz led the way in defeating those efforts – and won!

@TedCruz shines in this interview! He's on his game now! Click to Tweet

Baier’s question may have been inspired by an attack on Cruz by Fox News’ Brit Hume posted to Twitter during the GOP Debate the other night:

Cruz just showed how wrong Hume and Baier are, and this interview is a home run:

How many of you notice a new tone by Cruz? Oh, he’s moving the needle now!

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