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Ted Cruz surrogate Glenn Beck calls John Kasich a “son of a bitch” for staying in the race!

Well ladies and gentlemen, how will the Ted Cruz/Glenn Beck followers say he didn’t say this!

Hopefully, Beck doesn’t blame this on Stu!

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough, and it’s time to close really down Beck’s operations. He doesn’t need to be anywhere near politics. It’s not healthy for him, and he seems to be on another planet.

I, like anyone knows what it mean to speak from the heart but I think Beck is talking out of his ass right now.

From The Blaze:

After winning the Republican primary in his home state of Ohio Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich announced that he plans to stay the course. Glenn Beck had a few choice words for him.

“Kasich, I mean, excuse my language, but, you son of a bitch, the republic is at stake,” Beck said Wednesday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. “This is not like a normal race. The republic is at stake.”

Continuing his criticism of Kasich, Beck, a top surrogate for Republican candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, argued that the Ohio governor is “delusional” if he thinks he can win. Additionally, he thinks the Ohio governor made his victory speech Tuesday night “about himself” instead of about the country.

The conservative firebrand didn’t like the confetti at Kasich’s victory rally, either.

Glenn Beck is what happens when mental hospitals close and the lunatics are given access to microphones.

Beck can’t seem to grasp that we’re not electing an apostle-in-chief and that the USA is not a theocracy. I gotta admit though that he is right about Kasich being over the top–that confetti drop at the end was ludicrous and down right embarrassing.

Let me know what you think of Beck’s latest tirade and how does this work out for Cruz? Will it hurt him among the evangelicals? Share your comments below.

h/t – The Blaze

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