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Ted Cruz: Trump’s presence in election beneficial to our campaign

There’s no doubt GOP frontrunner has been out in front for over the last 3-4 months based on a new brash way of dealing with the liberal media and both political establishments.


Presidential candidate Ted Cruz joined Meet The Press on Sunday morning and told host Chuck Todd that Trump’s style has been beneficial to his campaign message.

“I’m very encouraged where we are right now because I think what we’re seeing happening every day is conservatives coalescing behind our campaign,” Cruz said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And, you know, one of the reasons I’m very optimistic is … look at the impact of Donald Trump.”

“Others have gone out of their way to smack him. I haven’t,” Cruz said. “I think Donald’s campaign has been immensely beneficial for our campaign.”

Cruz said Trump has “framed the central issue” of the Republican primary as “who will stand up for Washington?”

People like Cruz don’t come along too often. No one could even come close debating the facts with him on the Constitution or anything else which is right for this country!

To set the world back on its normal path, Democrats need to own the big government nanny welfare state. This requires being a backstabber who confiscates guns, puts Grandma in prison for growing weed, and supports the war in Iraq. Hillary represents this well.

Republicans need to actually believe in limited government, individual liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

This is the direction that Trump and Cruz are trying to take us. What do you think of Cruz’s analysis? Share your feelings below in the comment section.

h/t – NBC Video

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