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Ted Nugent SLAMS Megyn Kelly: I’m not a fan and she’s getting bad advice or just getting stupid” — AUDIO

Since last Thursday, millions of conservatives have turned on Kelly and have made it clear they no longer want to see her on Fox. One of these conservatives is musician Ted Nugent, who recently slammed the Fox personality during an appearance on Keeler in the Morning. 

“I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, though I often turn on Fox just to look at her,” Nugent said, according to Mediaite. “Sometimes when I’m loading my magazines I like to just look at her, and I usually sit naked on the couch dropping hot brass on my stuff.”

Nugent went on to acknowledge that Kelly is normally good at her job, but this time she “absolutely fell off the cliff of political correctness” when she asked Trump her “obnoxious” questions.

“She isn’t status quo, but she started acting, and sounding, and looking like one, and I don’t believe she is,” Nugent continued. “I think she is playing some games, either that or she’s getting bad advice, either that or she’s just getting stupid.”

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