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Teen Lost 100K Grand Prize By One Dollar On Jeopardy – Watch His Response!

I was on the edge of my seat, and that was even knowing that Alec Fischthal was going to lose the grand prize of $100K on the game show Jeopardy by just one dollar. I don’t know whether it was the music leading up the final answers or what, but I felt excited and sadness for Alec.

It’s great that Jeopardy will still give Alec $50K for coming into 2nd place. That’s a tremendous amount of cheese to help his education when he graduates. Congrats young man!

From Fox News:

Oh, the agony of defeat!

Alec Fischthal fell just one dollar short of winning the $100,000 “Jeopardy! Teen Tournament” prize on Tuesday night.

Fischthal and the two other finalists — Michael Borecki and Sharath Narayan — all answered the Final Jeopardy question about Early America correctly. Their totals were added to the previous day’s sum to determine the final winner.

Despite wagering nearly all his money, Borecki finished in third because he had zero earnings from the previous day.

Narayan played it safe, wagering $901. Fischthal went for broke, betting his entire $11,600. He doubled his money to $23,200 for a combined total of $39,700.

Sadly, that was just one buck short of Narayan’s two-day total of $39,701. With his safe but smart bet, the high school sophomore took home the top prize.

Watch the agonizing moment that Fischtal learns he lost by the narrowest of margins in the clip above or click here. The high school junior did everything he could; he just came up short.

Fortunately, Fischthal didn’t go empty handed. The runner-up earned $50,000, while Borecki took home $25,000.

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