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Teenager documents heated exchange with TSA officer that could have ended badly

Look, why is there so much confrontation going on in the world today, I just don’t get it.

In the recorded video, this young boy pulled out his cellphone camera to record a TSA worker patting down his father at a security checkpoint inside Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. The TSA employee noticed the young man and wanted him removed from that area.

Just a little note: There are other ways to capture video and be discreet without causing a fuss or public scene.

The man being patted down says, “That’s my son, just so that you know.”

The boy quickly responded the agent of the rules on TSA’s own website says that recording security pat downs is legal and allowed, but at this point the situation has escalated and the agent responds he doesn’t care.

Watch the video:

Was the kid in the wrong? Was the TSA agent in the wrong? Share your views below in the comment section and add this to your facebook/twitter timeline. Let us know about the discussion.

H/T – Apple Lucas

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