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Terminally ill mother thanks Trump for helping her and her son – Won’t see this on news!

At Donald Trump’s Janesville, Wisconsin Town Hall this evening, a moment happened that you won’t see reported on the news as they relentlessly savage Trump. It won’t be mentioned by the GOP Establishment, the talking heads and pundits or the other candidates. It doesn’t fit their narrative about Donald Trump.

A young mother in the audience with a terminal illness stood and thanked Trump for what he has done for her and for her son. Because of Trump’s kindness and generosity, she said her son will be able to go to college when he’s old enough – after she’s gone. Trump listened to her, trying to be encouraging to her that she will still be around to see her son go to college. She said that was not the most important thing. Trump promised her that he would be checking on her son for her in the days to come. When she finished, Trump left the stage, went into the crowd and embraced the woman. It was a moment full of emotion.

That’s the Donald Trump the haters will never talk about. That’s the Donald Trump his voters are cheering on.

This slams all the hatred from the left and right and makes you look past political parties and more into the hearts of Americans who want to change the way things are done. This was a touching story.

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