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Terror Strikes London! Woman Killed, 5 Injured By Man Wielding Knife

American Democrats will no doubt urge the British government to enact further gun control legislation as a result of this attack. Does anyone think like me,  the Obamas and Clintons of the world want race wars in the street?  It brings them closer to putting the world under martial law.


Hmmm according to Obama the world is the safest it’s ever been.  This is becoming a weekly thing in the world, and I’ve seen enough to know it’s a problem. This is what Hillary Clinton will bring with her 500% more refugees. Unless we have mind reading machines, please do tell me we how can we vet the refugees properly?

From Fox News:

A man attacked several people with a knife in central London Wednesday evening, killing a woman and injuring five other people in what police described as a possible terror attack.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers were called to Russell Square at around 10:30 p.m. local time (5:30 p.m. ET) for a report of an armed man. They found “up to six people injured”, including a woman who was pronounced dead.

“Terrorism is one possibility being explored at this stage,” the statement added.

Authorities said one man was arrested after police deployed a Taser. The conditions of the injured victims were not immediately clear.

Taxi driver Paul Hutchinson told Sky News he saw a body lying in the street opposite the Imperial Hotel, located on the southeastern corner of the square.

“The pavement was all taped off by police,” he said. “There was lots of armed police and other police and there was a body on the floor. You could see the boots of the body sticking out where the body was. The body was covered up by a sheet.”

Watch the latest video at <a

This is why we cannot bring in the Syrian refugees into the United States without some form of identification program; Isis has infiltrated them.  It’s the duty of every real American, and Donald Trump is right to scrutinize these people, and here’s a tidbit for you, it’s not racist to keep them out.

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