Terrorists On Attack – The World Is Under Siege

News is breaking that French authorities are searching for six additional members of the terrorist cell that carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the hunt includes a Mini Cooper that belonged to the wife of the terrorist killed at the kosher market in Paris which is believed to be packed with explosives. At the same time, New York City officials are reporting that their police officers have been told to expect “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks, and the Department of Homeland Security has increased security at U.S. government buildings. All of this follows an embarrassing hack of U.S. CENTCOM Twitter and YouTube accounts by a group claiming to be ISIS that occurred as President Obama was on live television discussing his plans for increasing cyber security.

Since the end of December, terrorist activity has increased dramatically, not only in Europe but in Africa as well. This activity not only includes acts of violence, but acts of cyber terrorism as well. Threats have been made directly against intelligence, law enforcement, military, and civilian targets, and intelligence officials have detected threats against transatlantic air travel that led to the cancellation of six flights to the United States from Europe. Despite these developments, the Obama administration has not raised the terror alert level.

The hacking of U.S. CENTCOM’s social media accounts are troubling for a number of reasons. First, the hackers, who claim to be members of ISIS, have posted personal information of members of our military and issued threats against them and their families. According to reports, the posts made by the hackers included a warning that “We won’t stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children,” The  post also warned that “ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah’s permission we are in CENTCOM now.”

Despite President Obama’s plan to make ISIS a “manageable problem”, the world is under siege. French President Hollande has declared that France is at war with radical Islam, and unbelievably the Obama administration is still unwilling to take the same stand. This situation will undoubtedly get worse before it gets better.

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James P Willis lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is a Cold War submarine veteran, political activist, and retired industrial mechanic. James is currently an Editor / Contributor for NewsNinja2012, a freelance writer, and his blog can be found at www.The-Conservative-Underground.com.

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