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Texas AG Greg Abbott on Voter ID: Obama and Allies want unfair Texas elections!

While those on the left argue that these requirements hurt voter turnout, a recent report from Texas proves otherwise. According to the report, voter turnout actually doubled, but of course, since liberals are not big fans of facts, they continue to ignore the truth and fight to have these requirements thrown out across the country.

Fortunately, there are people of principle who are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the voting system, such as Greg Abbott, a candidate running for governor in Texas. Abbott has created a petition to gather support for voter ID laws in order to prevent fraud.

via GregAbbott.Com:

Voter ID laws are the best way to prevent cheating at the ballot box, and President Obama and his allies are trying to stop Texas from making elections fair.

Gregg Abbott is absolutely right on this issue. Voter fraud can have a significant impact on the outcome of an election, and some believe that this is why Democrats have been so successful at the polls lately.


Requiring someone to prove their identity is not racist, it’s a measure to keep elections fair, and the majority of Americans support these protections being put in place. Liberals are simply afraid that if they actually have to play by the rules, they might just lose their grip on the power they hold in the government.


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