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Texas Officer Survives Vicious Attack by Man Protesting Police Brutality

The riots in Baltimore have stirred the pot of racial division all around the country, and it’s coming to a head. Houston Community College police officer April Pikes was attacked by Jeremiah M. Matthews, 23, who stabbed her 14 times before he was tackled by some bystanders. The event took place in the parking lot of a Walmart, where Pikes was working an off-duty security job.

While Pikes survived thanks to the amazing men who stepped in to save her, the Click2Houston report says that she may lose her right arm due to her injuries.

One witness had this to say:

Abe Baker, who helped stop the attack said, “I saw him on her, just stabbing her.”

“I wasn’t really thinking,” Baker said. “His arm was just up getting ready to stab her and I just grabbed his arm and took him down, and that’s when everybody else came over and we all just took him down.”

“He was in an upbeat mood, whistling and he had a fast pace, walking fast,” Baker said of the assailant, who was smiling and cheerful right up until the moment he began his surprise attack.

The assailant’s mother expressed genuine remorse for her son’s actions, saying “I want to offer my condolences to the victim. As a mother this is painful. I wish her a speedy recovery. My heart and prayers are going out to her and their entire family.”

From Breitbart:

Harris County prosecutors said that Matthews told them “he had the intent to attack a police officer and his desire to kill a police officer,” according to a report.

Way to go, race-baiters, you’re getting your way. Innocent officers are being attacked because you are convincing idiots that they are being oppressed by anyone in a uniform. But will Al Sharpton show up to apologize to this woman? I’m 99% certain that the answer is no. Even the man who was speaking for the family said that Matthews’ actions may have been “inspired” by the Baltimore riots, where they think burning down a CVS is an appropriate reaction to “police brutality.”  But nobody is going to stop rioting to consider what impact their actions (which are being broadcast all over the nation and the world) may have elsewhere in the country. They don’t care about anybody but themselves and how they personally can benefit from this manufactured crisis.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to April Pike and her family. We wish her a speedy and full recovery, and we would like her to know that we are here for her.

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