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That’s Cold! Obama’s Own Judge Blocks His Mandatory Overtime Pay Rule


Back in the early days of Barack Obama, when he extended unemployment benefits, I was like how can he do that when he’s not in charge of corporations or businesses. Now a federal judge has blocked Obama’s attempt to extend mandatory overtime pay because he’s overreaching his authority.

Businesses should decide overtime pay or not. NOT the president! Another one BITES THE DUST! The world is against you Obama you will find out in January.

What really makes this bad for Obama is that this judge was appointed BY HIM! What a slap in the face to him and shows that everything he did in eight years of creating hate and divide in this country will be his true legacy!

From CNBC/Reuters:

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked an Obama administration rule to extend mandatory overtime pay to more than 4 million workers from taking effect, imperiling one of the outgoing president’s signature achievements for boosting wages.

U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant in Sherman, Texas, agreed with 21 states and a coalition of business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that the rule is unlawful and granted their motion for a nationwide injunction. It was to take effect Dec. 1.

The rule would have doubled to $47,500 the maximum salary a worker can earn and still be eligible for mandatory overtime pay.

The states and business groups claimed in lawsuits filed in September that were later consolidated that the drastic increase in the salary threshold was arbitrary.

Mazzant, who was appointed by President Obama, held that the rule runs counter to the federal law that governs who is eligible for overtime. The law does not allow the Labor Department to determine eligibility based only on salary levels, Mazzant said.

This was overturned by a federal judge ( appointed by Obama ) because it goes against an existing federal law that restricts the Dept. of Labor from determining overtime eligibility based on salary amounts. Rather than try and ram this through, perhaps he should have addressed that law.

“Signature Policy” strikes again! Obama’s Personal Legacy takes yet another big hit. Obamacare (aka Affordable Healthcare Act) is deep-sixing too because of lack of accountability. Looks like he’s going to have made some changes in his upcoming library. Trump will fix this, though, but not after the Democrats inanely protest to keep Barry’s name on it and cry racism.

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