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The 2016 Presidential Candidate Smorgasbord

I am very excited about all the choices we have for 2016 presidential candidates on the Republican side, with more announcing each day. I know some people in the media are wringing their hands and worrying over so many voices, but isn’t that what want? Each candidate brings good and bad with them, and now is the time for us to sort through them all.


The last two presidential elections quite frankly were a disaster for conservatives. We all know the stories, two candidates who were not everyone’s first picks, but hey that is how the cookie crumbles. The last two times after the nominee took his place on the national stage, we children were still fighting and bickering trying to convince everyone we had picked the wrong guy. I will agree with McCain that certainly was true, but with Romney I’m not so sure. I had friends and family tell me both in 2008 and 2012 “I’m not voting, I’m staying home this time.”  Afterwards I asked them “so what good did sitting home do for you?” I wanted them to tell me how giving up their vote proved or accomplished anything.


Sitting out a national election is a tactic that never works. We can clearly see that in 2008 and 2012 the course of non-action actually elected the person who was most unqualified for the job. And before you say it, all you third-party advocates… your strategy gave us Bill Clinton in 1992. Ross Perot took crucial votes away from George H.W. Bush that probably would have given him the election. More than half the country voted against Clinton, and that is a sobering thought.

Now is the time to argue your point for or against a candidate, we can make all the arguments we want. When the final person is chosen, we need to stand united behind that candidate. Just go and look at all the people running and ask yourself do I really want Hillary? Elizabeth Warren? Or God forbid Bernie Sanders? Any of the Republicans running so far would be a better choice.

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