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The American Assumption of the Republican Woman

I love being a woman. I like the makeup, I like the clothes, and I love the shoes. I love who I am. I like that I have a personality and that I can believe what I want to. Being a woman is great – but due to the internet, Facebook and Twitter, people seem to think that they can say pretty much whatever you want and filter nothing. Here’s a great list of the daily crap I hear or get emailed and some answers, Katie style:

“How are you a Republican? You’re a Woman…..”

Easily one of the most irritating things I hear, almost daily. I’m a Republican because I am a person that believes in smaller government and personal responsibility.

Also, I have a brain.

“Who ‘made’ you that way?”

God did. Thanks.

“Isn’t the GOP an old boys club?”

Yep. And there are a lot of women who joined. There are plenty of good old boys there, and I love them to pieces. They are as sweet and as kind as anyone. It’s called getting to know people. There are also great women who are seasoned, smart politicians that I greatly admire.

“You’re pretty. How does that work in the GOP?”

Uh, Thank you? I am not sure this is a real question, but there are pretty women all over the world in very different political spectrums and very different job markets. It works out just fine for me and my fellow sexy Republichicks.

“Aren’t you on birth control? I thought Republicans hated that.”

Yes, I am on birth control. No, it’s not your business. I have 3 kids and I don’t want to have any more. Republicans don’t hate birth control. We Just think that you should buy your own birth control
if you are responsible enough to have sex.

“But you recycle….I thought Republicans didn’t ‘do’ that?”

What? Why does one have to do with the other? I recycle because it’s smart to reuse what we can, and I also like to pay a smaller garbage bill. Common sense.

“You support Gay Marriage/Rights. How is that Republican?”

Look, we aren’t all cut from the same cloth. We all believe different things. I support Gay Marriage/Rights because I believe in equality for all human beings. I have gay family members and
gay friends I love dearly. I think that there is too much involvement of the government with
the institution of marriage, man and woman or same sex, truthfully. Civil unions for all!

Being a woman is great, I love it, and guess what? Haters are just gonna hate. Hate on fools, and I will keep on being awesome, and Republican.

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