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The Bloodless Coup of the U.S. Government

Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, has a well documented list of criminal activities going back decades where he was “in the pocket” of the Mob in the 70’s, to his too-numerous-to-mention shady land deals in Nevada. But his most recent underhanded deal with a Chinese Solar company, that his son just so happens to work for, blew up in his face as American patriots had had enough of the crook from Searchlight. What has also been kept under wraps by a liberal media is his disastrous seven-and-a-half years of running and ruining the United States Senate. It is remarkable to me that this man has been the last stop for all legislative bills to come out of congress, and has flown under the radar for so long without being questioned in the press about his epic obstructionism. While fellow Democrat Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the House for the first four years of Harry Reid’s tenure as Senate Leader, and President Obama has been president for the last five-and-a-half years, the constant monkey wrench in this country’s legislative activities has been Reid for seven-and-a-half straight years.

For those of you who have read my article on News Ninja titled “The Day the Democrats Took Over”, bear with me because I think it’s tantamount in importance to educate the general public as to this infamous day that the media has ignored for so long. Not only was January 3, 2007 the day Nancy Pelosi as the new Speaker of the House, and Harry Reid as the new Senate majority leader, inherited 4.6% unemployment from the GOP House, GOP Senate and Republican President, but it’s the dark day that Harry Reid became the de-facto President of the Legislative Branch.

Now this is not the way the Legislative Branch is supposed to work. While it’s in the Senate Majority Leader’s prerogative to choose which bills, passed by the House, come up for a vote in the Senate, no leader has been so partisan and such a pure political cretin as Reid. He was voted by the citizens of Nevada to represent their best interests in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately for them, Reid cares only about the power he wields, the disastrous President he’s trying to protect, but most importantly he is only concerned about keeping his absolute power. Nevadan’s have been suffering with Dirty Harry for years. He is supposed to look out for them in D.C. but even after the recession technically ended five years ago, Nevadans are STILL suffering! Nevada’s unemployment is the third highest in the country at 8.5%, it is the third highest in home foreclosures, and has 24% of its children living in poverty. I wanted to mention this because so many in the media intentionally ignore why people are sent to Washington, D.C. They get caught up in promoting the liberal agenda and let partisan hacks on the left like Harry Reid run roughshod all over the laws of the Senate, but more importantly the spirit of the laws of the Senate.

It’s a tired cliche but can you imagine if a Republican Senate Majority Leader decided to kill over 300 bills that came out of a Democrat House? CNN would have running daily graphics of the count of the bills, describing how great these bills would be for the American public, and have endless specials. Hour-long specials like they did in mid-2006 to promote a Democrat takeover in the mid-terms, the infamous special they repeated ad nauseam back then called “Broken Government”. By the way, when CNN was playing “Broken Government” in rotation almost every day, October 2006, one month before the mid-term election, the unemployment rate was 4.4%… I repeat 4.4% unemployment. Who out there would like to have a “Broken Government” today and the 4.4% unemployment rate like when those dastardly Republicans ran the House, Senate and White House?

With these mid-terms coming in less than two months, every news agency, if they were actually doing their jobs, would be ripping the most obstructionist Senate leader in history. Talk about BROKEN GOVERNMENT. One man holds the fate of 320 million people in his hands.. or in this case, his desk. There are, right now, 352 bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk as he refuses to put them up for a vote on the floor of the Senate. By the way, THAT’S HIS JOB – to put House bills up for votes. PERIOD. Ninety-eight percent of those bills have democrat votes as well and are considered “bi-partisan bills”… 98% of the 352 bills, STOPPED by partisan political operative Reid, were passed in the House on a bi-partisan vote. Fifty percent of those bills were passed unanimously with no objection, and Reid STILL refuses to have the Senate vote on them. Seventy percent of the 352 bills, Harry Reid refused to proceed on were passed with at least two-thirds support in the House. And of those 352 bills Reid refuses to act on, or at least bring up for a vote, 55 were introduced by Democrats in the House. Fifty-five bills written by Democrats and passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives have been killed by the unelected ruler of the Legislative Branch, Harry Reid. And the Democrats have a huge 55 to 45 advantage in the Senate and Harry Reid STILL doesn’t bring House bills up for votes. If the “radical” Republican House sent such horrible bills to the Senate, Reid could bring ALL of them up for votes and just vote them down with such a big advantage in Democrat votes. This simple fact PROVES that these House bills WILL help America and Reid cannot even convince Democrats in the Senate to vote against them.

Now someone who has studied Government and has at least one ounce of common sense might think Harry Reid has advanced dementia. Bills written by Democrats or voted for by Democrats in the House are being killed by Reid in the Senate. If Representatives are not being sent every two years to Washington to pass bills, what ARE they there for? For Reid, one of the things he thinks his job is, is to protect his power as Senate Majority Leader. He will NOT bring up bills from the House by the chance that they might pass. The shameless politicization of the Senate under Harry Reid boggles the mind. He refuses to bring bills up just because he does not want to make Democrats in the Senate actually vote on “uncomfortable” issues. Instead of passing what the representatives want, he looks at what might hurt Democrats in the next election if they are forced to take a position on a bill. People were elected to the Senate to vote on bills and Harry Reid is not bringing up bills just because these same people will have to vote on them. This is how our country is run by Democrats since 2007: Bills as political tools to produce talking points for the Democrats during election time, OR, to deny Republicans positive talking points for the next election. I, as a former Nevadan, am embarrassed to no end by the most partisan, lawless and morally corrupt Senate Majority Leader in history.

Harry Reid has in fact completed a bloodless coup in the United States of America. He has co-opted the legislative process for his own personal and political agenda. The liberal press is not only silent on this radical takeover of our Government but they are silently cheering it. Not only has Reid become the first Senate Majority Leader in history to create his own personal presidential veto, he has become MORE powerful than the Commander-in-Chief. If the President of the United States does not like a bill that was passed in Congress, he can veto it. But the difference between the President and Reid is that if the Congress has enough bi-partisan support for the vetoed bill, they can override the veto and vote the bill into law WITHOUT the President’s approval. The conniving Harry Reid wields MORE power than the actual leader of the country because if he doesn’t want a bill to be passed, he “tables” it and it never comes up for a vote so it can never be overridden by anyone to get it into law. When did this country’s governmental system get so corrupt that the leader in one of the Houses has TOTAL control of the Legislative Branch? Oh yea, January 3, 2007 when the democrats took over and instilled the most devious and subversive political hack ever to rule the Senate, Slimy Harry Reid.

Even after Harry Reid was exposed as a crook with the failed land grab at the Bundy Ranch, he then extinguished over 100 years of Senate decorum by using the nuclear option (eliminating the minorities descent on nominees) that he RAILED against when he was Minority Leader. Most of America doesn’t realize Reid has become the “Shadow President” by in fact, stealing the veto power of the President. He has become MORE powerful than the President because his veto is absolute. He has shown no remorse or backtracking from this coup-de-ta of the United States Government. Now to put it into context as to what an accomplishment it is to STILL be the Senate Leader after all these transgressions, think about another former Senate Majority leader, Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. He was forced to resign his Senate Leadership post back on December 20, 2002. Was it because, like Harry Reid, he had shady land deals with Chinese Solar companies that his son worked for? No. Was it because he denied Democrats from offering any amendments to bills brought up like Reid has frozen out the Republicans? No. Was it because he killed over 300 bills from the House, that most were supported by, or even written by, his OWN party? No. He was forced to resign because at a birthday party, the 100th birthday party of a fellow Senator, he made a supposedly controversial comment. Now the comment can be debated as to whether it was over the line or not, but the point is it was a man giving a 100-year-old fellow Senator an ego stroking birthday toast. And he was forced to resign for something that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his work as Senate Majority Leader.

That is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans have a high ethics standard, sometimes too high, especially in this ridiculous case. Democrats have NO ethics whatsoever. For them, the ends ALWAYS justify the means and mainstream media is aiding and abetting them with no journalistic integrity whatsoever. The media is protecting the crooks and political hacks on the Left while attacking Republicans for jaywalking. Besides the despicable power-hungry Harry Reid keeping his job and being protected by the media, there are other examples of the morally bankrupt Democrats getting a pass from their own as well as the Media.

Representative Charlie Rangel was caught in a tax evasion scandal and he is STILL in Congress. And what is so pathetic about that is that Rangel was in charge of writing the tax code for the country at the time he was exposed as a criminal! And NOTHING happened to Rangel. Not only that, after he was censured for his crimes, the Democrats, lead by Nancy Pelosi held a fundraiser for the crook!

Then you have Democrat Elija Cummings of Maryland who has committed a felony by colluding with Lois “take the fifth” Lerner of the IRS, who is at the center of the Obama Administration’s targeting of conservative groups. Cummings procured private tax information on a conservative group from Lerner which is a FELONY. Where is the media outrage on this felony committed by a sitting Congressman? Oh yea… the media is too busy reporting about a married Republican Congressman who kissed his staffer. Where’s his fellow Democrats and their outrage for one of their own breaking federal law? Oh yea, it’s the Republicans who are on a witch hunt.. or maybe, it’s Bush’s fault.

The reason I wanted to expose Harry Reid is because the entire country needs to be educated on the scoundrel that has been the man behind the curtain, pulling all the strings in Washington, D.C. It’s time for Reid to pay the piper for the disaster he has unleashed on the country for the last seven-and-a-half years. He, along with Pelosi, inherited a 4.6% unemployment rate from the GOP when they controlled the House, Senate and White House. They ushered in the Great Recession of 2008 and they were co-conspirators in helping President Obama EXTEND the recession longer than it had to be. To push a liberal agenda, Obama, Pelosi and Reid put their ideology ahead of the people of the country and focused on their leftist wish list and did not focus on the “folks” who were suffering under the recession they had caused. Nancy Pelosi was removed after her disastrous four-year reign as Speaker of the House. Harry Reid has had SEVEN-AND-A-HALF YEARS as the Senate Leader and five-and-a-half of those as the “Shadow President” with unmatched veto power.

It’s time for all of us conservatives to expose him and his HORRIBLE record and his cataclysmic obstructionism. Some people on the left like to dismiss Obama’s low approval ratings by saying that Congressional approval is at 14%. The low information voters don’t know, and the media will not tell them, that Congress includes the Senate, not just the Republican controlled House. Harry Reid has been the main catalyst in driving down the approval for over seven years of partisan politics as the leader of one of the Houses of Congress that has that 14% approval rating. Everyone must be told that Harry Reid owns that 14% approval rating. And with a 14% approval rating he should not be allowed to rule the Senate for another two years. Enough is enough! The bloodless coup of the United States MUST be reversed. Get out the knowledge and get out the vote in November to RETIRE Harry Reid who ALWAYS puts Politics OVER Country.

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