The Conservative Cauldron 11/14/14 Stupid Voters, Immigration, and more…

It was a super busy night around the old Conservative Cauldron last Friday! Everyone’s favorite Economist Jonathan Gruber was starting to rear his pointy head and tell Americans just exactly what he thought of them. It wasn’t pretty. Apparently, Gruber and the rest of his snobby elitist friends concluded that Americans are so stupid that they could be misled about the exact nature of the Affordable Health Care Act, ” Obamacare”, shoved down our collective throats. Because it really is guys like Gruber who are just smarter than us, and knows what is best for us. As of this writing, at least six videos have come to light featuring Gruber basically saying American voters are too stupid for their own good. Senate Democrats are treating Gruber much like the Ebola virus, as if they have no idea who he is, and never worked with him. Well, unfortunately for them,  Nancy Pelosi is all over YouTube asking reporters in 2009 if they have read Gruber’s report on Obamacare. Note to Senate Democrats, the internet is forever. Even President Obama is claiming that Gruber never worked on the law. Well if that is the case, then how is it that he met with the president on numerous occasions, including several pictures of him with the president in the Oval Office?

We also saw President Obama’s pick to succeed Attorney General Eric Holder. Brooklyn federal prosecutor, Loretta Lynch, would be the first African-American woman to hold that office. Lynch has a track  record of being tough on terror suspects. Her office has prosecuted more terrorism cases than any other office in the country. She does not bring any controversy to speak of with her, and her reputation is one of fairness. She brings with her a rich family history that she can trace back to great-great grandparents who were slaves. If confirmed, she will have many things on her plate, including counter-terror initiatives, surveillance on average Americans by agencies such as the NSA, and whether or not to bring civil rights charges against the Ferguson, Missouri police officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting.

Now President Obama says he has no more patience when it comes to immigration. He is ready to take executive action that would prevent deportation of up to 5 million illegal immigrants. Republicans have vowed to fight any unilateral action by the president. Obama has put forth a 10-point plan for immigration reform, including prioritizing deportation for serious criminals, boosting pay for ICE officers, expanding visas for immigrants with high-tech skills, and promoting the naturalization process. Currently, the naturalization fee is $680. DHS would take 50% off of that fee for the first 10,000 applicants. Will there be a buy-one-get-one-free sale too?

Last Sunday, November 9, marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The occasion was marked by ceremonies, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling it a “momentous” day, and proof that “dreams can come true”. Many younger Americans don’t remember images of East German residents being arrested, and sometimes killed in attempts to escape the Communist side of the divided city. Chancellor Merkel remarked that it was a message to the world that freedom and liberty will always triumph over tyranny. She honored the East Germans who had the courage to protest and stand up to the brutal East German regime. Such demonstrations led to other protests such as Tiananmen Square in China.

As the St. Louis region awaits the Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting, surrounding suburbs like Berkeley are telling residents to stock up on food, water, and medicine. Local school districts are sending packets home with students in order to keep them current in their studies. Major businesses are making arrangements to send employees home, or tell them not to come in at all. The biggest question here is this: How did we get to this point? How did we as a community get to the point where we must prepare as if for an invasion of the nation, due to a Grand Jury decision on whether or not to indict? As of this writing, the city of St. Louis just reported its 130th homicide, already higher than last year, with another full month left on the calender. Why are those deaths not as important as Michael Brown? Still awaiting an answer.

Finally, in the WTF segment, an underwear bandit is on the loose in Kodiak, Alaska. Women are coming home to find items, mostly undergarments, missing. One victim joked about the fact that the bandit had good taste, stealing her recent $150 Victoria’s Secret purchase. Alaska State Troopers are reminding residents to lock their homes. After all, it has been chilly in Alaska since September perhaps? Now is the time to dress in layers in Alaska. That includes your drawers, long and short.

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