The Conservative Cauldron 11/28- Ferguson! And Oh Yeah, Other Stuff

It was a busy post-Thanksgiving Black Friday night on The Conservative Cauldron. If you were still in a turkey coma, or already asleep because you got up at 3am for those door-busting deals, no worries, here is what you missed.

Of course the whole nation, and maybe the entire world was talking about nothing but Ferguson, Missouri this week, and the St. Louis County Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown back in August. The announcement of this decision came down Monday night, and ignited violent protests throughout the city of St. Louis, but especially in Ferguson. At least 25 businesses were looted and vandalized, with at least a dozen burned to the ground. Many who watched the carnage unfold on Monday night, say an outburst by Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head may have encouraged what followed that night. At the center of a large crowd of people, after the decision was announced, several outlets have Louis Head on tape screaming, “Burn this bitch down!”, at least two to three times. Most people thought it was inevitable that the aftermath of the announcement would not be peaceful, but was this outright encouragement by Louis Head? Many people are calling for him to be brought up on charges for inciting a riot.

A week prior to the announcement of the Grand Jury decision, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon had declared a state of emergency, and called in the National Guard. But mysteriously, they were nowhere to be found in Ferguson on Monday night. This has angered many people in the St. Louis metropolitan area. How many businesses would have been spared? How much destruction could have been easily avoided had the National Guard been where they needed to be? There are many questions looming that need to be answered by Jay Nixon. Among those, why is it that Ferguson Mayor James Knowles could not contact the Governor or anyone in his office Monday night? Knowles was begging for National Guard troops to come in and help. Reggie Jones, Mayor of the tiny neighboring city of Dellwood, also voiced the same problem. There was no contact from the Governor to either Mayor. Why?

On Tuesday, Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, in an interview with Fox News, made some very interesting speculation. He put forth the possibility that Jay Nixon was pressured by the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department not to send in Guard troops. It is now known that Nixon spoke to White House Super Advisor Valerie Jarrett on Monday night and again on Tuesday morning, but he had no way of speaking to two local Mayors? Nixon vehemently denied the accusations the next day.

However it wasn’t all doom and gloom coming out of Ferguson. There were many stories of citizens helping each other, and having each other’s backs. We heard the story of Natalie DuBose, who owns a cake shop in Ferguson. She opened her shop back in June, and after starting her business by selling cakes at flea markets and other such venues, she saved up enough money to open her shop. In August, her shop sustained some damage from the first round of rioting. On Monday night it was much worse. Windows were broken and equipment destroyed. But there are people who appreciate someone who is willing to work hard enough to achieve their American dream. An online funding campaign was started for Natalie, and as of Friday morning, around $200,000 had been raised to help her get Natalie’s Cakes and More back on its feet. At least in this case, good guys win, bad guys lose. Protesters also tried to shut down Black Friday sales in many area malls. They were shut down for a time, but were back up and open for business within a few hours.

Last Sunday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced his resignation, or was it his firing? There is still speculation as to what exactly happened, and the White House has not been forthcoming with details. While some White House officials have leaked things such as “he wasn’t up to the job”, close Hagel friend Arizona Senator John McCain says he was very much up to the job, but was never fully brought into the close decision-making circle in the Oval Office. Hagel was also warning that ISIS was quickly becoming the greatest threat in the Middle East while the president was still calling them “junior varsity.” This no doubt irritated the president, and along with the beat down given the Democrats in the mid-term elections, felt a need to shake up the cabinet. What better way than to fire the only Republican?

While all eyes are on Ferguson, more detainees are quietly being released from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Five were released during the month of November and more are set for release in December. There are only 143 detainees left, down from the almost 800 immediately following 9/11. It is common knowledge that most of these individuals go back to their old stomping grounds as soon as they can. What does this mean for national security and the threat of any future attacks on American soil?

Finally, if you think it is bad in Ferguson, in the WTF segment, we take a look at a popular South African ventriloquist who is basically stalking a singer on Facebook. The ventriloquist, Conrad Koch, appeared in court last week, dummy in tow. Long story short, Koch, and/or the dummy must refrain from any social media contact or references to singer Steve Hofmeyr. Koch says Hofmeyr makes racist comments and remarks during his concerts, even singing the national anthem of the former apartheid government. He is a top recording artist but is becoming known for divisive comments. Couldn’t they just say the dummy started it?

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