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The Conservative Cauldron- GOP Thumps Dems and “Spanish Lake”

Last Friday on The Conservative Cauldron, election night 2014 was an exceptionally good one for Republicans. They picked up, as of this writing, eight Senate seats, and several more House seats to further that majority. Currently there are two seats that are undecided. In Alaska, Republican Dan Sullivan holds on to a four point lead over Democrat Mark Begich. This race could take a while to call, as ballots are collected from very remote areas of the state. In Louisiana, there will be a Dec.6 run off race between incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu and her opponent Bill Cassidy for that state’s Senate seat.

So what now? Does President Obama get the loud and clear message that Bill Clinton received in 1994, or does he double down with his pen and his phone and disregard the obvious will of the American people? During a press conference on Wednesday, he claimed to have heard the people who voted against his policies, that he openly admitted were on the ballot. He seems to care more about the two-thirds of Americans who stayed home and did not cast ballots. He has somehow concluded that because they could not fit voting into their busy schedule, that it somehow means they support his agenda, and are therefore  more important to him. He claims to want to work with the new Congress in January, and wants to hear their ideas. Will that actually happen or will ideology and executive action, especially on issues like immigration, win the day?

Next up came our interview with Andrew Phillip Morton. Phillip is the Director of an independent film called “Spanish Lake”. Spanish lake is a small municipality in north St. Louis County Missouri. In the late 60’s through the mid to late 70’s, Spanish Lake was targeted for an influx of public housing units as the large mega complexes in downtown St. Louis became abandon, derelict, and a haven for crime. It also explains why this need to consolidate a lot of public housing units in the area had everything to do with politics, creating a liberal Democrat Party stronghold in the area. Phillip was a great guest and “Spanish Lake” is a movie everyone should see. It truly can happen anywhere.

Brittany Maynard was just 29 and a newlywed of only a year when diagnosed with brain cancer. As her symptoms worsened, the seizures, severe head and neck pain and stroke-like symptoms were  expected to increase. Brittany decided to end her own life. Brittany and husband, Daniel Diaz, moved from San Francisco to Oregon to take advantage of its assisted suicide laws. She posted a video on YouTube explaining her decision. It has gotten more than 9.3 million hits. On Nov. 2, surrounded by family and friends, Brittany passed away. No matter where one stands on issues like assisted suicide, this is such a heart-wrenching story. But it may have achieved one of Brittany’s dying wishes, for people to engage in discussion on sensitive issues like this where often there are very passionate views on all sides.

One of the great things about election night was the fact that women as well as many black conservatives did so well. This was crushing for the often used narrative by the Left that Republicans are just the Party of old white men. In Utah, Mia Love, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, became the first female black Republican elected to the House of Representatives. In South Carolina, Senator Tim Scott, appointed to his seat by Gov. Nikki Haley, became the first African-American elected to the Senate from South Carolina since reconstruction. Two days after the election, the NAACP put out a statement concerning the election results. Just one problem, they failed to mention the election of Mia Love or Tim Scott. Wrong color? No. Wrong Party? Definitely. When an organization, that is based on the equality of African Americans and other minorities, cannot bring itself to recognize the achievements of two of those people because of opposing viewpoints it is sad. It speaks volumes of their credibility. They are no longer the group that was originally founded, but just the political wing of the Democratic Party, nothing more. Congratulations to Congresswoman-Elect Love and Senator Scott on their big wins Tuesday night!

Finally, what would an election night be without Fox News Channel’s Bob Beckel doing or saying something wildly inappropriate? Well, never one to disappoint, during a heated election night debate, Bob just could not take any more Republicans ganging up on him. He flipped Jesse Watters the finger. Just another addition to the Beckel hit parade. The Conservative Cauldron was willing to take bets on how many F-bombs ol’ Bob would drop that night, but apparently no one could count that high.

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