The Conservative Cauldron On WAARadio 9/19/14

If you did not get a chance to check out The Conservative Cauldron show Friday night, the podcast is the place to catch up. As the situation in the Middle East deteriorates, decisions must be made on how to handle the ever-increasing threat of ISIS terrorists. Is the President even engaged? Is there finally a strategy for defending the nation against this evil group? Obama’s Generals and military advisors, the best in the business, all have solid ideas and plans for defeating terrorism, but the president continues to ignore their advice. Is it politically driven?

10711494_727676280633661_1310646846_nSpeaking of ISIS, there are credible reports that ISIS militants are in Mexico and getting ready to cross the border to set off car bombs and possibly other acts of terrorism. The FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security, and some lawmakers who represent districts along the southern border say no such threat exists. County Sheriffs in Texas are saying that Qurans and Muslim clothing have been found along smuggling routes. Who is right? Who do you believe?

The House Select Committee on Benghazi began hearings this week. A former State Department official has come forward claiming that there may have been evidence tampering. In a weekend document “separation” session, this official says that certain documents requested by the Accountability Review Board may have been deemed “damaging”, and would put former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other high ranking State Department officials in a bad light, were separated from other evidence in a basement area of the State Department. He also claims that Clinton’s former Chief of Staff may have been involved. Could these hearings effect the 2016 presidential race should Hillary Clinton decide to run? Committee Chairman Congressman Trey Gowdy says he will take as long as needed and go where the facts lead him.

Scottish citizens vote fairly decisively against independence from Great Britain. Had this vote gone the other way, there could have very significant economic consequences for the United Kingdom, not to mention the nuclear subs that are docked in Scotland’s ports.

The NFL is taking a fresh look at disciplinary actions against players accused and/or convicted of domestic violence in light of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases. Commissioner Roger Goodell says he hopes to work with players, their union, coaches, and owners to set the right standards to change league policies in addressing domestic violence. Calls for Goodell to resign continue.

Then there is always the “WTF” segment. Lesson for this week: Get plenty of rest before beginning your crime spree.

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My name is Becky Noble. I am married to Randy. No kids, just a 50lb Border Collie mix who thinks my house is hers! After almost thirty years in the healthcare field, it is time to move on, and do something different. I hope to have a career in politics. Don't know whether that will continue to be writing and hosting "Conservative Cauldron Radio" on WAARadio on Fridays, or perhaps one day running for office. I am excited to pursue a new path!

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