The Conservative Cauldron Podcast- 1/2/15 The Search for Plane and Angry Cops

Just in case you missed last week’s Conservative Cauldron, the search continues for AirAsia Flight QZ8501 that went down in the Java Sea last week. Weather was a significant obstacle in recovery of bodies, any wreckage from the plane and most important, the flight’s black boxes data recorders which will give some indication as to just exactly why the plane crashed. The families of 162 people on board the flight eagerly await any word of the recovery of their loved ones.

As the NYPD laid to rest one of their own last weekend, officers have made their voices heard loud and clear without saying a word. For a second time, at the funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu, New York’s finest turned their backs as Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at the service. Officers have voiced their anger at the mayor for several weeks over some controversial comments he made about law enforcement in the wake of the Grand Jury decision in the Eric Garner choking case. Many officers believe de Blasio does not respect them and does not have their backs. Days after the funeral, de Blasio appeared to only rub salt in the wounds when he said he thought it was “disrespectful” of officers to turn their backs at the funeral.

Anti-police sentiment is a dark cloud that appears to be hanging over many parts of the nation. Officers from all over the country, some with many years of service say they have never seen anything like it in their careers. They fear that attacks on them can happen at any time. Not just the type of attacks that they know are a fact of law enforcement, but also when they are off-duty, with their families. For many officers, not just constant danger, but always being second guessed, called a racist at every turn, and having your integrity attacked on a daily basis makes them wonder if a law enforcement career is worth it. Chilling statistics on police deaths, which are up, don’t help.

Liberal elder statesman, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo passed away on New Years Day at the age of 82. Just hours before, his son Andrew was sworn in for a second term as Governor of the Empire state. The son of Italian immigrants, Cuomo also played minor league baseball before embarking on a political career. Cuomo served as Governor from 1983-1994, but might have been more well-known for jobs he did not take. At the height of his career, he was urged to run for president numerous times but never took the plunge. In 1993, he turned down a Supreme Court nomination from former president Bill Clinton.

In a new survey by the Pew Research Center, Americans tend to say they are having a good day more than people in other prosperous nations. People in poorer countries were more likely to say they were having a good day than those in rich countries. A sign that money most certainly does not buy happiness? Maybe. In an interesting detail, bad days were the most common in the middle eastern countries of Jordan and Egypt. Coincidence?

Finally, the WTF segment may have a clue as to why Americans are so cheerful. The man who calls himself the “father of Viagra” was recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Dr. Simon Campbell says he is technically not the inventor of the little blue pill because his name is not on the patent. He says because of his work on high blood pressure medications, the miracle of Viagra was discovered. “I laid the seed and started the project”, he said.

So many jokes. So little time.

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