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The Conservative Cauldron Podcast 4/3/15 Nukes for Iran and Religious freedom?

Good Friday was a busy one as usual at The Conservative Cauldron. One of the big stories this week is that a “framework” for a nuclear agreement with Iran had been reached. In a great piece by Amir Taheri for the New York Post that also appeared on, the pros and cons of working with Iran were clearly laid out. As expected, more pros for Iran than the U.S. Iran will keep its current nuclear program, all of the sites will remain open, and the heavy-water plant at Arak being completed are just some of the highlights of this disaster. What does Iran do for the U.S.? Not much. They get to maintain current uranium enrichment levels for 10 years, a move that ties the hands of the next administration. An added bonus apparently, should that administration be a Republican one. They must also allow IAEA inspectors the right to go anywhere and inspect any facility they choose. That has never happened before, what makes anyone think it will happen now? But the kicker, the cherry on the cake of this whole mess? The final agreement will not be in the form of a treaty, therefore, there will be yet another end run around the United States Senate.

While a modest amount of attention was paid to the goings on in Switzerland, the eyes of the nation were squarely on Indiana and Governor Mike Pence, who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act , or RFRA, into law. This law, which states that no local, state, or federal government action may infringe on the religious freedom of any citizen. It very closely mirrors a law that thirty states now have on the books, and federal law that former president Bill Clinton signed in 1993. But try giving facts to the hardcore Left and militant gay groups who insist this is nothing more than a “license to discriminate” against gay people who try to find bakeries to bake wedding cakes, etc. Days after Gov. Pence signed  the bill into law, there had to be an amendment to it drawn up to ensure that the law did not include any rights to discriminate. Businesses all over the Hoosier state have been targeted by Left wing groups and even media. They are asked if they would do business with gay couples, and when the business owners say that it would go against their religious beliefs, they are all but shut down. In some cases they actually are shut down. The case of Memories Pizza in Walkerton Indiana is a shining example of the real agenda for the Left on this issue.

A video of a beating that took place on a St. Louis Metro Link train has gone viral. Three black suspects beat a white male passenger after they ask him his opinion on the Michael Brown case; when he does not give an answer they like they beat him senseless. Other passengers not only did not help, they laughed. Security cameras picked up the entire incident and all three are now in custody, but the question of whether or not this will be charged as a hate crime is up in the air and many in the St. Louis region are not happy and asking why not. As of Friday however, hate crime charges may come into play. Stay tuned.

Finally, as we debate religious freedom this week, The Conservative Cauldron would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy and meaningful Easter. Enjoy the day with family and friends and reflect on the true meaning of the day.

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