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The DOJ to Coerce Police to Gun Control

Breitbart is informing that the unwillingness for local police to disarm citizens is the main thrust for the Federalization of Police. DOJ measures point to despair to prime the Federalization bubble politics of Obama:

1.8.1 ACTION ITEM: The Federal Government should create a Law Enforcement Diversity Initiative designed to help communities diversify law enforcement departments to reflect the demographics of the community

Garner and Gray were not killed because of race or lack of representation by police departments, but by racism in higher political and policy levels of government. Garner was selling cigarettes and Gray had a knife. The attacks on those black men were the direct policy of disarming “blacks”, forcing them to follow roles assigned to them by Democrat politics, ie. keeping blacks on plantation. Blaming “police” and racism in that action item above is the obvious bubble of invested lies that will burst.

Mentioning racist conspiracy in third parties and freedoms is how the Feds deal with soldier and police demoralization – the upper ups’ enforcement of brutal and ruthless control never being blamed – a main reason for soldier suicides. Self representation is suppressed in exchange for vague promises of higher representations.

For carrot, the feds promote Obamacare for the police to shut up. The Obama dependency stock bubble aims to bankrupt all ( Police One)

House Resolution 413 — … Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act — has a stated purpose of extending collective bargaining rights to all first responders.Doug Stafford from the National Right to Work Committee believes this legislation has greater implications and grants the federal government “broad power to impose the terms and conditions of employment for … public safety workers and local and state governments.”

[Thus] it is unlikely that a newly-established national union would allow localities to lay off police officers. The result would be that localities would either have to raise taxes …  or ask for additional federal funding, creating a permanent dependency that will foster federal control over local policing practices.

Is Breitbart onto something on gun control and federalization of “control of local policing practices”?

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