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“The Donald” Spoke without a Teleprompter at CPAC; Media Latches onto Slip-up

Donald Trump is quite the character. His speech hit on a range of issues. He began by criticizing his fellow conservative speakers who used teleprompters. He made it quite clear that he would be speaking without one.

Continuing with his critical approach, he turned the focus on to President Obama and the nations weak economy. Speaking about poll numbers, Trump said of Obama,”We’re getting into Jimmy Carter territory,”

The mainstream media has focused mostly on what came next from Trump which was his comment alluding that Jimmy Carter, 89, was no longer alive, even though he is.

“I lived through that time. It was not a good time and it wasn’t pretty. I think by next month we will have surpassed the late, great Jimmy Carter.”

Carter’s grandson James Carter retweeted the quote saying, “I (am) pretty sure I would have heard about that.”

He went on to speak about Obamacare, the economy, America’s domenstic weakness and Obama’s foreign policy failures.  You can watch the entire speech below:

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